Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire – REVIEW!

Nathan’s Mumma Says…


What more could you want on a beautiful autumnal day than to walk round a lovely country park? Our visit to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire delivered this brilliantly.

Situated near Worksop, the national trust property at Clumber Park has something to offer everyone. From the well stocked shop to the woodland play area and the various walks around the grounds. There is also a campsite, BBQ area and walled garden. You can also hire bicycles to explore the estate, or bring your own bikes. We stuck to the main area with it’s visitor facilities.

The restaurant serves delicious food all day, I’d recommend their luxury hot chocolate! The service is quick (it was busy when we were there) and friendly. There are plenty of tables, both indoors and outdoors, there is even an indoor seating area for dogs and their owners. The large grass area outside provides an ideal picnic spot should you wish to bring your own food.

Ever the parent, we were keen to locate the toilet facilities as Nathan has just finished potty training. They are clean and there is a seperate baby changing room, always a bonus. They’re situated just by the play area too so very convenient for small children.

Another helpful idea was the seperate Ice cream shop opposite the restaurant so that you didn’t have to queue for just ice creams or a drink.

The Woodland play area is a great feature for us. A lively 2 year old wore himself (and us) out exploring the rope frames, playhouses and climbing trees. It is in a lovely shadey area which would be excellent in the summer but was a bit nippy at this time of year. Nothing a jumper couldn’t fix though. The deep leaf litter created a great cushioned floor around the play equipment and offered us a chance to collect leaves for crafts at home.

We took bread down to feed the geese and swans on the river, with the backdrop of the stunning church on the grounds. The paths are great for pushchairs and in the glorious sunshine it was a perfect autumnal activity.

Overall rating: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5 (you pay £6.80 per car and there no additional charge per person for using the grounds. If you’re a NT member it’s free!)

Pushchair friendliness: 3/5 ( paths don’t connect the main area to the riverside paths, and the play area cold do with a designated pushchair area as it’s quite difficult to push them through the leaf litter and you just abandon them wherever)

Scenery: 5/5 ( it’s a beautiful setting and even on busy days you don’t feel like ther are hordes of people around you)


Clumber Park



S80 3AZ

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Autumn crafts & activities 

Nathan’s Mumma Says…

Now that September is here it marks the beginning of Autumn in our house. Not being particularly fond of hot weather, we really enjoy autumn and it’s crisp sunny days that allow us to get outside and jump in puddles and collect leaves. We equally love the foggy, wet days when we can snuggle up and get crafty.


Our favourite autumnal crafts include:


  1. Leaf crafts like this hedgehog. Nathan understands where leaves come from so this is a particularly good craft for him this year.
  2. Cork stamp trees, we love painting all year round but getting our autumnal colours out and using corks to stamp leaves on trees is extra special. You can also use cotton buds for a similar effect
  3. After a walk to collect leaves we will be doing leaf rubbings to see the different shapes they make!

  4. Leaf suncatcher…we tried our hand at a suncatcher over the summer and Nathan really enjoyed it so we are looking forward to making this autumn version.
  5. Leaf wreath. This is a new one for us, using tissue paper and leaves together. We will add sparkly bits and some glitter

There are also a couple of theme specific times during autumn that are rather fun…

Namely Halloween and Bonfire Night! 

(And we can’t believe its almost been a year since our little Mumma Says babies were having a halloween party, and now we are looking at pre-schools for next year! Here’s some pics below to accompany our 2014 Halloween post )

We will be marking these days with fun and crafts too, in only a way a toddler and a Mumma armed with pinterest can!


Pumpkin potato stamps

Pumpkin painting looks amazing fun for little ones who aren’t yet old enough to so the traditional carving

Toilet roll fireworks, another way to use our favourites of paint and loo roll middles

Bonfire finger painting, what a great messy way to create a safe bonfire!

*Please be careful where you buy any costumes from after the horrific injuries sustained by Claudia Winkleman’s daughter last year.





The autumn activities we have planned include:

  1. Conker rolling
  2. Applebobbing‘
  3. Singing ‘autumn time is coming’
  4. Autumn scavenger hunt
  5. Autumn tuff tray

Why not work your way through this 100 autumnal activities list?

There will be lots more craft and activity ideas appearing over on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages during autumn as we progress through this beautiful season.


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Lazy days

Nathan’s Mumma says…

Lazy days, nothing days, slobbing out, chill time days. These are the days when you don’t have anything planned, have nowhere you need to be and no one but your child and yourself to please. We love days like these. I spend so much time finding new and interesting places to take Nathan, or new activities to try with him that these lazy days become a much needed time to relax for both of us. 

But what do we do on such days? We wear our most comfortable clothes and we take our time over breakfast in front of cartoons and a book. I might even push the boat out and have more than one cup of tea.

Our weekends recently have been  particularly busy for us with a visit down to family in Hertfordshire on a Saturday and then a trip to Chatsworth House on Sunday followed by an afternoon with Nana and Grandpa. So a lazy Monday was very much in need.

But how do you keep an active 2 year old busy at home all day? Without needing to attack Pinterest for craft and activity ideas, or venturing out of the house…

  1. Cars. Lots and lots of cars! We have a box full of cars, tractors, buses and other vehicles. Nathan loves to play with cars.  
  2. Painting. Nathan loves to paint in his scrap book and it saves me having hundreds of pieces of paper lying around drying. We alternate with crayons and felt tip pens to allow for drying in this case. We have poster paints and a water colour type paint palette to choose from. Nathan does usually insist on adding sparkles (glitter).
  3. Books. Nathan loves nothing more than sitting on your knee and having a story, he’s certainly got his favourites and can now tell you the story. Dear Zoo, The Hungry Catepillar, Faraway Farm and Postman Bear are top of his list.    
  4. Sandpit. We recently discovered that Nathan will sit at a sandpit for ages and amuse himself. He fell in love with Leyton’s at his birthday party so we spent some Easter money on one for Nathan and it’s been a god send for when we need to sit down for a bit in the garden. He loves playing in the garden generally but it often involves us pushing his swing or playing ‘shops’ in his playhouse.  
  5. Childrens television. Not something we watch all day, everyday but on occassion it’s a necessary evil. Nathan particularly loves the Postman Pat movie and Polar Express. He will also sit and watch several episodes of Ben and Holly, Hey Duggee, Bing Bunny, Show me Show me and, unfortunately, Peppa Pig. 

 I do encourage Nathan to play by himself as I believe it encourages their imagination to develop, and it gives me a break. We do love playing together on days like these too and make believe tea parties and picnics are a hot favourite with Nathan. 

Tomorrow it’s back to normal and the everyday chaos of life with a 2 year old, his active social life and the day to day learning that comes with being a Mummy and toddler…now, what to do with a loo roll middle???


      Potty Training Poetry

      Please excuse Leyton’s Mumma, she has been reading far too many Julia Donaldson books lately and is not a professional or practiced Poet by a long way!!

      Leyton’s Mumma Says…  

      A ‘How To’ on Potty Training’s been done many a time,

      So we thought we’d turn ours into a rhyme.

       We thought we’d start properly on May 1st weekend,

      3 days off, no plans, so lots of time to spend.


      (At this point we’d had 4 weeks of casually weeing,

      The potty’d been out, lots of signs we were seeing.)


      We thought – Continue on? Can’t go back, Time to leap?

      Into Puddles, Potties and Pants for Leyton to keep.


      Lots of accidents, 10 minute reminders and tears,

      But lots of wee’s on the potty allayed our fears.


      Our sticker reward chart recommended by mates,

      Went down a storm, for every trickle he gave.


      Good thing with Spring/ Summer: lots of hand washing done,

      Tiny pants on the line being dried by the sun.


      We carried on with stickers and lots of claps and praise,

      And not dwelling on the accidents in the next coming days.


      We bought pullups for car journeys and long days out,

      With pants underneath to feel wetness when in doubt.

      Our changing bag items have changed considerably!


      Puppy Training Pads went on the sofa and pushchair,

      Again to try not fuss when we had puddles there.


      It’s taken a few weeks to have ‘dry’ days in a row,

      (Although naptimes & nightimes are a complete no go!)


      We still have regression sometimes when eating or play,

      Mumma tries not to curse & say’s we’ll get there one day!!


      Potty Training Kit:

      • Potty
      • Potette plus / child toilet seat (if you have bathrooms on 2 floors it’s especially good to have 2 potty type seats. We’ve tried to alternate Leyton to encourage him not to have a preference, and doesn’t mind whichever)
      • Anti bacterial wipes (to sanitise potty)
      • Potette Plus Disposable Liners (life saver when on long car journeys/ in a park miles from a toilet. They’re a kitchen roll type lined carrier bag specifically to go over kids toilet seat or a potette plus )
      • Pullups (as backup when driving or somewhere you don’t want to risk an accident)
      • Nappy sacks (to put wet clothes in when away from home)
      • 10 x toddler pants
      • Puppy Training pads (for the sofa / pushchair / carseat. They’re super absorbent!)
      • Handwash powder
      • Kitchen roll (to soak up accidents)
      • Spare clothes (In his changing bag we have 1 entire spare outfit + 1 more pants + 1 more trousers + 1 more pullup)


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      Toddler changing bags

      Nathan’s Mumma Says…

      The Mummas have been chatting and we agree that the contents of our changing bags, and indeed the bags themselves, have changed within the last year. We no longer have to pack spare breast pads, bottle warmers or muslins. But what have these, once essential items, been replaced with?

      Out with the stereotypical changing bags and most of us now carry a backpack, child sized ones mostly. I carry quite a large one that is specfic to Nathan’s allergy issues. Millie’s Mumma carries one with Millie’s name on, the other toddlers have ones related to their favorite television programme…Peppa Pig to Paw Patrol and everything in between.

      Most of use still carry a spare set of clothes, either due to potty training, being at nursery, the change of seasons or just out of habit. Nathan currently has a set of joggers and a pair of shorts in his bag along with a spare t shirt, vest and socks.

      images (7)

      Those of us who have embarked upon potty training also carry spare pants/knickers, pull ups (for longer car journeys) download (2)and even a potty or loo seat. I have recently purchased a Potette Plus for using when out and about. It is a folding potty and toilet seat in one which uses disposable liners when in potty mode. These can then be disposed of in a nappy bin. It has proved invaluable when away from home and a distance from the nearest toilet! We stopped mid Boots shop the other day for a wee. Leyton’s Mumma uses the liners with a regular toilet seat cover (and has used it several times in the last month to pull over in a side street mid car journey for a wee!) , while Ellie’s Mumma uses a regular potty. Ellie is very good at using a toilet now, even without a toilet seat!

      Those not yet ready for potty training still carry nappies but in far fewer quantities. And naturally we all still pack baby wipes in large numbers because they’re useful for just about any situation!

      Then comes the issue of snacks, dare you go out the house without so much as a rice cake or biscotti to your name? We don’t! We’re all for healthy eating when it comes to our children, so we try and aim for the good treats at snack times…

      • Fresh fruit
      • Breadsticks
      • Cheese cubes
      • Fruit pouch
      • Dried fruit
      • Yoghurt coated raisins/fruit flakes

      Drinks are always an essential item when it comes to a toddlers bag of tricks. By and large the Mumma Says children all drink water during the day. A few have weak squash, none of them have fizzy pop or caffineated drinks! They all prefer a different style of beaker too, ranging from an open cup to a sports bottle to a more advanced version of a sippy cup…

      Bickiepegs Doidy Cup (Red)

      Tommee Tippee Explora Active Sipper (Blue)

      Nuby No Spill Flip It (Various Colours)

      Sistema Twister Bottle, 460ml, Aqua

      download (1)

      Some of us have taken up packing a book, small toy or colouring book and crayons for when children need distracting such as when waiting for food, traffic jams/breakdowns, waiting at appointments. Millie’s Mumma carries a set of plastic stacking balls, Poppy’s Mumma carries a Peppa pig book and several of the boys have a small car for such times.


      Has our Mumma section of the bag altered at all? Well that all depends on who you ask. I obviously still carry Nathan’s various medications (including Calpol sachets)along with a travel size hand sanitiser gel, mints and a hair bobble. I no longer carry paracetamol as Nathan can undo zips. Those who haven’t finished teething still stash ambesol/nelsons but most of us have finished teething now. We all carry our phones and purses, some of us carry a diary, pen etc.

      Leyton’s mumma carries the kitchen sink! She regularly takes an umbrella and sunglasses to cover the Great British Weather, portable phone power bank (purple gadget below), earphones, perfume atomiser spray (red bottle below) and other “essential” items which spill out of her bag 😁 As you can see below, she stores the majority of her items in a little make up bag inside her backpack, which in a rush she can transfer to an actual handbag on child free outings. She actually takes Leyton’s ‘occupying’ toys in Leyton’s Littlelife backpack because it’s light so he can carry it himself aswell as it acts as reins (she collects tiny items from the birthday party goodie bags for this purpose).

      Now that the new wave of Mumma Says babies has begun there is a whole new changing bag challenge on the horizon…packing for two! But that will be a post for another day…

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      My top DIY life hacks

      Leyton’s Mumma Says…

      I am a self proclaimed pinterest addict. It’s slowly taking over as my go-to search engine instead of Google, because I can often find tried and tested recipes, craft idea, home life hacks etc at a touch of button or picture. And I am quite a visual person, so a big photo showing exactly what I was hoping for is a winner from me. I haven’t quite worked out the technical know-how to put our stuff from on Pinterest yet, so use it from just a viewing point at the moment… but from the bottom of my heart, thank you Pinterest people!!

      So after a bit of researching how to make my small house work for us, I also got creative on my own storage ideas and coming up with my own little solutions to problems I never knew I had 😉 much to husbands bemusement.

      So here’s my Top DIY Home Life Hacks which are making my life a little easier minute by minute:

      Label your ‘most used’ plugs

      This especially works with our kitchen plugs like above, TV extension lead and my hair drying items! When you’re in a rush staring at a mass of the same colour plugs… aargh one of my pet peeves…. so by taking a few minutes to label them you save a few seconds several times a day.

      Paperclip the ends of your cellotape

      I was a ‘fold the end over’ kinda gal but this definitely saves time in find the damn end of the cellotape roll, and probably saves a few centimeters of cellotape per roll too from folding and wasting each time. Just had to remind the husband not to keep mislaying my paperclips!

      Magasine racks make great shelves!

      These are the standard wood Ikea ones painted white and screwed into the wall in our kitchen for all those odds and sods. It’s part of my master plan to stop our kitchen table looking like a jumble sale… Followers of my instagram ‘leytons_mumma’ will have seen the mess of our painting afternoon doing these!

      Note to others though, it’s best to get water based wood paint as oil based paints only come off with hardcore stuff like white spirits so is a pain if you get it on you/the floor/ the child (the homebase man told me this as I was perusing). Also, our electric drill/screwdriver barely fit in the gap to screw into the wall so I had to wait for my hubby to come home and do it with a manual screwdriver.

      Use a window squeegee on your shower screen.

      I spotted this in my friend’s shower and she thought it was nothing special as her whole family do it, but I thought this was genuis! I felt like a poor version of a window cleaner first time I did this but now got into the swing of after every shower spending 5 seconds on cleaning the shower screen and a once over the tiles , and it makes such a difference, and saves me as much effort and elbow grease when I do a once weekly full bathroom clean. I also now try and get matching toiletries as they look so much prettier, but I think I’m going a step too far!!

      Use a 6 Arm Ironing Tidy

      This isn’t just for ironing folks, we hang our washing on this on hangers spaced apart as above and they dry overnight. By which point the clothes are already on hangers ready to be ironed or in our case go straight in the wardrobe as I dash off for work, and we now have an iron as we go policy so it’s not always me ironing for hours. Works well with the toddlers clothes as a don’t bother ironing most of his yet 😉

      Hangers on hangers

      My airing cupboard is a pretty useless space with pipes everywhere making it difficult to utilise, other than for storing spare pillows and duvets. But we have started hanging adult and child hangers in there ready for the ironing/ hanging of clothes and it makes it easier to keep the wardrobes clear and also grab a load of hangers when needed.

      Potty Training? Take the changing table to your toilet

      I made a little box with 2/3 nappies, a changing mat, and a bag with nappy bags, sudocrem, baby wipes and antibacterial wipes for the potty in. This little box lived next to the potty the first few weeks when Leyton was showing interest but still in nappies. So when he would shout POT or grab his nappy and take himself to the potty we would take everything off for him to sit and try and then we had things ready in the Box. When we really threw ourselves into it we went to pants and the box was used less and less, but the beginning of potty training was definitely helped by this.

      Make more shelving where there is none

      This is another Ikea special – comes in very useful in our tea making area and also in our cupboard where we have a lot of little jars that can be double stacked now. I’m sure it would be easy enough to make something like this too if you were feeling really creative.

      Use a bottle as a cellotape store

      And to finish off, a slightly silly one… this was my husbands idea when I said I was Pinterest searching for a pole type device I could make to keep all my cellotape rolls on (these have been multiplying as the more crafts and bits we do!)… and he then tongue-in-cheek said to just stack them on the Rum bottle. Well actually, I don’t mind that so haha that’s where it’s stayed.

      Please let us know how you get on with any of these, or feel free to add some comments with your own!!

      *We post at least one new article every week so make sure you save our blog to your favourites so we are easy to find. You can also follow us on Twitter @mummasays1 and our founders Nathans_mumma and Leytons_mumma are on instagram too! Our little facebook page can be found at if you would like to ‘like’ us there too   😉

      Bluestone Wales – REVIEW

      Nathan’s Mumma Says….

      Further to my previous post about getting Nathan ready for his holiday by doing crafts and activities based on what we would be doing and seeing on our holiday I’ve come up with, what I think, is an honest review of our week at Bluestone Wales.

      download (1)

      Myself, my husband, Nathan and Nathan’s Nana and Grandpa chose Bluestone Wales based on it similarity to Center Parcs (where we had been the previous year and enjoyed) but being less remote and less commercial. We were rewarded in our choice as the Bluestone Wales location is in beautiful Pembrokeshire contryside but is within easy reach of several daytrips such as Folly Farm, Oakwood theme park, Tenby, Carew Castle, Saundersfoot and Stackpole nature reserve.The resort itself has all the amenities and facilities you could need without feeling oppressive or commercialised.

      We took the opportunity to visit family in Saundersfoot and Nathan liked playing on the beach with his Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle. Mummy had a wandered round the quaint shops and Daddy stocked up on sweets at Chobbles Traditional Sweetshop. It’s a delightful seaside town and well worth a visit. Tenby is bigger but just as lovely, we only managed a drive through on our way to an evening concert by the Tenby Male Voice Choir but we’d defintiely go back next time for a day on the beach and walk round the town.

      images (5)

      The shops on site are few and small but blend in well with the accomodation within the village setting. There is a lovely coffee shop that we particularly enjoyed for a snack break in the sunshine and the food shop sells all the usual bits you might run out of like milk, bread, chocolates, newspapers etc. The swimwear shop is located at the swimming pool and is on the expensive side but has a good selection of costumes, goggles, floatation devices and other swimming aids. The activity centre sells a selection of cuddly toys in their foyer with the typical welsh dragon amongst them.


      The Swimming pool is really very nice, we spent many hours of our week long holiday in there, taking turns to play and swim with Nathan. There is a specific area for babies and toddlers with a shallow pool, sprinklers and ‘rock pools’. Nathan enjoyed this area very much. There is another area for slightly older children with a deeper pool, waterfalls, sprinklers and climbing tower. Once Nathan had overcome his apprehension about the waterfalls he really enjoyed this bit too. The gradual slope of the main pool is brilliant for little ones, and its perfect to sit in to enjoy the waves when they come on. Our favourite part however was the lazy river that has a gentle current taking you outside, where there is a sitting area and hot tub, and ends back into the main pool again. With his Sevylor Puddle Jumper Deluxe Flotation Device – Red on Nathan became very good at kicking his legs to swim along.

      The Activity Centre was our first port of call when we arrived. After a 4 hour drive, with only 1 stop, we were more than ready to stretch our legs and burn off some energy. We found the Wildwood Cafe for a snack and drink then ventured into the circus room, a wonderful combination of softplay and toys for babies, toddlers and small children. Nathan thouroughly enjoyed this bit and didn’t really want to leave to find Nana and Grandpa. We took him back several times as it was never busy and there’s plenty of space for him to run about. The downstairs area is designed for older children really, with high climbing frames, diggers, computer games, rope bridges and mini golf. Naturally my daredevil son wanted to explore this bit so he and daddy, along with Grandpa, ventured off onto the trees.

      images (2)

      Once we ventured down to unload the cars we found our villa to be situated by the lake, where you can take a walk round. This quickly became a favourite activity for Nathan and Grandpa. They enjoyed watching the birds and other wildlife that is abundant at Bluestone. We frequently had rabbits, ducks, small birds and even a woodpecker on the patio outside. We stayed in a 3 bedroomed villa, with 2 ensuites and a huge family wetroom. 2015-06-17 09.40.38The kitchen diner was a great size for the 5 of us and the villa came equipped with an Ikea antilop highchair and 2 stairgates (at the top and bottom of the stairs). The villas are lovely and light, plenty of space and brilliantly equipped. The only downside is that you aren’t informed where abouts your villa is before you arrive, this impacted our decision to not pre-book a golf buggy (£80 per week). Had we realised our accomodation was at the bottom of the steep hill we would have booked one, as the walk isn’t far distance wise but is quite steep. Fortunately there is a site minibus which was a godsend on the hot days, armed with a days worth of toddler stuff, and after a busy day running round. The activity centre and swimming pool are located at the top of the hill.

      As it was our wedding anniversary during our stay my husband and I booked a table at the Oak Tree restaurant which was convieniently situated not far from our villa, the food is described as ‘welsh with an italian twist’ and was delicious. The restaurant is nicely decorated and the service is good. The food was delicious and we enjoyed a quiet meal just the two of us.

      As I mentioned we tested out the coffee shop, Miller’s Bakery, in the village at snack time one day, their coffee is very nice and it was lovely to sit in the sunshine deciding what to do with our day. It very close to the little wooden play area in the village which Nathan fell in love with. It has lots of tunnels and climbing to do, very apt for a little boy to drag his Daddy and Grandpa to on a sunny day. This play area, the pool and the fairy tunnel (half way up the hill) were definitely his favourite things to do.

      Nathan’s Nana and I took the opportunity to visit the Well Spa at Bluestone and though it’s small it’s very well designed andimages (1) offers all the things you would expect from a Spa. They provide numerous ESPA treatments There are several experience rooms such as 2 different saunas, salt inhalation room, 2 different steam rooms, ice room, experience showers and a relaxation room. There is a great outdoor courtyard area with sunbeds, tables and chairs and a jet pool. There is also a small Cafe, Caffi Mor, on site which you need to pre-book. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon session and treatments, feeling very relaxed when we returned to the villa for the evening.

      Overall our holiday was very relaxing and very energetic all rolled into one. It is a fair distance from our home in the Midlands but we all felt it was worth it. The space outside and the relaxed atmosphere put it ahead of its competitors in our view. You also don’t feel the need to stay on site in order to get your moneys worth and there are places to visit nearby for all ages and tastes. It was ideal for Nathan at 2 years old and my parents both enjoyed it in their 60’s. Best of all was the quality time it gave Nathan with his Grandparents and us, just having a traditional british holiday. We’d definitely go back!

      2015-06-17 09.39.50

      Overall rating: 4/5

      Value for money: 4/5 (It is expensive but the inclusive swimming and activity centre are great for British summers)

      Pushchair friendliness: 2/5 (Paths are just hardcore and very steep site)

      Scenery: 5/5 (It’s beautiful and so very quiet)


      Bluestone Resorts Ltd

      Canaston Wood



      SA67 8DE


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      The Toddlers Revolt!

      What our Mumma’s Say…

      I wonder if it’s just our babies and toddlers who seem to think these things…

      • Mummy won’t let me store my toys (or the house keys) in the washing machine and try make all the lights come on by pressing buttons
      • Mummy won’t let me play with the blender. Or whisk.
      • Mummy won’t let me eat dirt in the garden.


      • Mummy won’t let me climb on top of the sofa.
      • Mummy won’t let me pull the green strawberries off the plants, only RED ones.
      • Mummy says I can’t draw on the walls, I showed her I CAN!
      • Mummy says I have to hold on tight when I’m on the swing or riding a donkey
      • Mummy won’t let me eat all the banana muffins she just made, all at once.
      • Mummy won’t let me cuddle the cat until he squeaks
      • Mummy says I’m too little to drive the car.

      2014-07-15 16.09.26

      • Mummy thinks 4 spoons to eat my dinner is unreasonable.
      • Mummy says I have to wear my coat, hat, gloves AND boots when it snows!
      • Mummy makes me pull my pants and trousers down every time I try and wee on the potty.
      • Mummy says if I want to jump in puddles I must wear my boots…who am I? Peppa Pig?!
      • Mummy won’t let me paddle my feet in the dog bowls.
      • Mummy won’t let me fix the dog by hitting him with my hammer or drill.
      • Mummy doesn’t like me pulling clothes off the washing line and washing them in my paddling pool.
      • Mummy shouts when I empty the cupboard to hide and shut the door. Even though Daddy thinks it’s funny sometimes.


      • Mummy said I could have a little trolley but then I could only go where she told me to go: she didn’t let me go behind the tills or out of the door or put some new toys in my trolley. She said we are not getting a little trolley again.


      • Mummy doesn’t let me watch telly at 1am, 2am or 3am!
      • Mummy doesn’t like me putting sudocrem on my face.
      • Mummy doesn’t like me trying to clean the dog when I get at the baby wipes. But she doesn’t mind me putting my muslin on him so he can sleep.
      • Mummy won’t let me climb up and dance on the coffee table, and when I fell off once she wasn’t nearly sympathetic enough.
      • My demands of chocolate for dinner always go unanswered.
      • Mummy doesn’t let me have cottage pie for breakfast either.
      • Mummy shouts when I finally find a toy or book that can fit through the stairgate/ bannister gaps and goes all the way downstairs.

      2014-12-06 11.36.33

      • Mummy says I can’t dunk my biscuit in daddy’s tea.
      • Mummy cut my cake into pieces when I wanted to do it.
      • Mummy wouldn’t cut my cake when I wanted her to do it, she said I knew how to.
      • Mummy kept telling me off when I cut my cake into lots and lots of crumbs and brushed them onto the floor.
      • Mummy says I can’t have my hands cleaned every 2 minutes, that it’s ONLY paint!

      2015-02-04 14.15.56

      • Mummy was happy that I helped and carried my melon round the supermarket, then shouted when I threw it to show her it wasn’t a bouncy melon.
      • Mummy put some shopping bags aside so I could unpack but didn’t like me helping myself to any bags. I tried to help with ‘Mummys special’ shopping bags but these eggs weren’t even packed properly…



      • Mummy won’t let me run round with screwdrivers, even when daddy has lots to spare.
      • Mummy says Grandpa’s spade is too big for me to dig with.

      2015-04-04 10.31.55

      • Mummy gets embarrassed by my learning to shout, especially when I’ve shouted at the top of my voice ‘hello lady’ at the MAN serving us at the checkout about 50 times when he gives in and says hello back.
      • Mummy wont let me walk down the stairs on my own.
      • Mummy wont let me play out in the street now I can reach the front door handle.

      Mummy then says she loves me so so much, as if that makes up for the above!! 😉

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      Fathers Day – what to do?

      Nathan’s Mumma Says….


      Fathers Day is a special time of year for us. Nathan’s Dadda works so hard so that I can stay at home with Nathan that we really like to spoil him. We equally like to spoil Nathan’s Grandpa and Grumpy, although the latter is rather difficult to buy for and doesn’t seem to appreciate the handmade things Nathan and I enjoy making. This year, as with previous years, we are trying to get all these men together to celebrate but it’s often quite tricky. Fortunately in this instance, as Nathan’s Dadda and I are both ‘only children’ we don’t have siblings to add into the mix.

      So what do we have planned? Without giving the game away too much, we plan to bake something for his Grandpa as he is a big fan of our baking. It will either be a batch of Mary Berry flapjacks or a Nigella Lawson Lemon Drizzle cake. His Grumpy will be given something Nathan has made, we at least have fun making it. Possibly a piece of wall art. Nathan’s Daddy will be getting a special photo frame and an un-yet decided upon gift.

      There are some fab places to buy fathers days gifts and cards if you aren’t of the crafting type, or you simply don’t have time. Lots of high street stores sell Fathers day presents and cards such as:

      We will also be making a card for each of our Daddies out of our vast craft collection. I love putting a selection of crafty bits in front of Nathan and watch what he does with them.We also love a good Pinterest idea…Nathan isn’t a big fan of doing hand and foot prints so we avoid those but they look amazing!


      Wall art


      If you fancy a day out on Fathers Day why not visit somewhere like Wollaton Hall, Trentham Gardens, Chatsworth House (or another stately home), have a mini break somewhere like London, York or Harrogate, visit Kedleston Hall (or another National Trust property, they often have special events on) or simply go swimming, for a walk or a bike ride.


      Whatever you do to celebrate the special Daddies in your life we wish you a very happy fathers day 2015!


      *We post at least one new article every week so make sure you save our blog to your favourites so we are easy to find. You can also follow us on Twitter @mummasays1 and our founders Nathans_mumma and Leytons_mumma are on instagram too! Our little facebook page can be found at if you would like to ‘like’ us there too 😉

      My Captured Moment

      Nathan’s Mumma Says….
      In April this year Nathan met his cousin, Wilfred, for the very first time. As an only child, married to an only child, baby Wilfred is as close to a nephew and cousin as we are going to get. We are looking forward to the future with our gorgeous boys.
      Running in Lavender