Changing bag “essentials”

Nathan’s Mumma says…thPT9XL3YT

The definition of essential differs from person to person. What I can’t manage without won’t be the same as what you need everyday. Not only because we are different mothers but also because our babies are different, and that’s the key. Whilst the basics are fundamentally the same, the extra bits and bobs will vary from person to person. Go with what works for you and your baby.

With this in mind the mummies at Mumma Says have put their heads together and shared their essential changing bag items…

  • A good size bag, a specific changing bag rather than a general handbag/rucksack (see later story)
  • Travel changing mat (usually included with the bag)
  • Wet bag or plastic carrier bag for dirty/wet clothes (alternatively you could always throw them away, many a vest has met this fate with Nathan)
  • Spare clothes
    • vest
    • trousers/leggings/skirt/shorts
    • top
    • babygrow
    • socks
    • hat (when they’re very little)
    • Spare top for Mumma if yours gets sicked on
  • Baby wipes
  • Nappy bags (please be aware of the suffocation risk)
  • Nappies (how many depends on your child, at 19 months I take 5 for Nathan on a day out, Leyton’s Mumma has only ever taken 3)
  • Nappy cream (metamium/bepanthan/sudacrem/supermarket ownbrand)
  • Bottles if bottle feeding (with milk powder)
  • Muslins, I only take one now but I packed 3 for a day out when he was new
  • Bibs, again I only take 1 now but usually had 2 or 3 in the beginning
  • Calpol sachets (I daren’t be without calpol)
  • Teething medication (nelsons powder/bonjela/ambesol)
  • Water bottle/sippy cup
  • Snacks (organic crisps/fruit/fruit sweets)
  • Sterilising Wipes (Milton or Tommee Tippee do good ones)
  • Dummies, one on a dummy strap and a spare (you can buy a pod that attaches to your changing bag)
  • images (2)

Some good changing bag essential shops are:

Now it gets a bit more personal, the things I pack because either Nathan needs them, I need them or we both do…

  • Saline nasal drops (handy if his nose gets stuffy)
  • Dummy steriliser (good item for thrown or dropped dummies on the go)thCOIU9BPO
  • Plasters (he’s a little boy, stuff happens)
  • Lipbalm
  • Hand cream (when you’ve washed your hands for the millionth time in 2 hours you need handcream)
  • Paracetamol & ibruprofen (in a zipped bag, in a zipped pocket. I’ll stop when he can work a zip)
  • Sample of perfume
  • Mobile phone
  • Hair bobble and grips
  • Trolley tokenimages (4)
  • Purse
  • Small Baby toys / books


All that in one bag.

I mentioned before that there’s a story. I have a friend, she’s very sure of her decisions and is adamant that when their first child is born she will have a black rucksack. I bit my tongue to hold back from explaining why, I believe, this is a bad plan. Don’t get me wrong, I have a rucksack I sometimes use with Nathan now he’s older but not when he was a baby. Here’s why…you have all of the above stuff to get into the bag, and with a rucksack it all ends up piled on top of each other. With a specifically designed changing bag there are pockets and pouches to keep it organised. Then you aren’t rummaging, trying to search for the tube of metamium with one hand, whilst holding legs up in the air with the other. You will know exactly which pocket you put it in. NB. some brands (babymule, pink lining & babymel for example) have a rucksack style bag available.

Now, once again, it’s each to their own…if you like playing baby stuff luckdip then by all means stick with a rucksack. But I wouldn’t change (sorry for the pun) my changing bag for the world.

Changing bag brands we like & have used:

The List

6 thoughts on “Changing bag “essentials”

  1. Where were you when I went into labour and then had to work out what I needed?! Ha! I wasn’t quite that bad, I had everything in piles and a list in my head of the extras but we did still have to pack it all after my waters had broken!

    Thanks for linking up the #TheList xxx


    • Planning a hospital bag version soon, trying to remember what I packed nearly 2 years ago! I waited til 38 weeks, and even then was forced into action by a family wedding in Cambridge, so I wasn’t very organised.


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