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Leyton’s Mumma Says…

I am a self proclaimed pinterest addict. It’s slowly taking over as my go-to search engine instead of Google, because I can often find tried and tested recipes, craft idea, home life hacks etc at a touch of button or picture. And I am quite a visual person, so a big photo showing exactly what I was hoping for is a winner from me. I haven’t quite worked out the technical know-how to put our stuff from on Pinterest yet, so use it from just a viewing point at the moment… but from the bottom of my heart, thank you Pinterest people!!

So after a bit of researching how to make my small house work for us, I also got creative on my own storage ideas and coming up with my own little solutions to problems I never knew I had 😉 much to husbands bemusement.

So here’s my Top DIY Home Life Hacks which are making my life a little easier minute by minute:

Label your ‘most used’ plugs

This especially works with our kitchen plugs like above, TV extension lead and my hair drying items! When you’re in a rush staring at a mass of the same colour plugs… aargh one of my pet peeves…. so by taking a few minutes to label them you save a few seconds several times a day.

Paperclip the ends of your cellotape

I was a ‘fold the end over’ kinda gal but this definitely saves time in find the damn end of the cellotape roll, and probably saves a few centimeters of cellotape per roll too from folding and wasting each time. Just had to remind the husband not to keep mislaying my paperclips!

Magasine racks make great shelves!

These are the standard wood Ikea ones painted white and screwed into the wall in our kitchen for all those odds and sods. It’s part of my master plan to stop our kitchen table looking like a jumble sale… Followers of my instagram ‘leytons_mumma’ will have seen the mess of our painting afternoon doing these!

Note to others though, it’s best to get water based wood paint as oil based paints only come off with hardcore stuff like white spirits so is a pain if you get it on you/the floor/ the child (the homebase man told me this as I was perusing). Also, our electric drill/screwdriver barely fit in the gap to screw into the wall so I had to wait for my hubby to come home and do it with a manual screwdriver.

Use a window squeegee on your shower screen.

I spotted this in my friend’s shower and she thought it was nothing special as her whole family do it, but I thought this was genuis! I felt like a poor version of a window cleaner first time I did this but now got into the swing of after every shower spending 5 seconds on cleaning the shower screen and a once over the tiles , and it makes such a difference, and saves me as much effort and elbow grease when I do a once weekly full bathroom clean. I also now try and get matching toiletries as they look so much prettier, but I think I’m going a step too far!!

Use a 6 Arm Ironing Tidy

This isn’t just for ironing folks, we hang our washing on this on hangers spaced apart as above and they dry overnight. By which point the clothes are already on hangers ready to be ironed or in our case go straight in the wardrobe as I dash off for work, and we now have an iron as we go policy so it’s not always me ironing for hours. Works well with the toddlers clothes as a don’t bother ironing most of his yet 😉

Hangers on hangers

My airing cupboard is a pretty useless space with pipes everywhere making it difficult to utilise, other than for storing spare pillows and duvets. But we have started hanging adult and child hangers in there ready for the ironing/ hanging of clothes and it makes it easier to keep the wardrobes clear and also grab a load of hangers when needed.

Potty Training? Take the changing table to your toilet

I made a little box with 2/3 nappies, a changing mat, and a bag with nappy bags, sudocrem, baby wipes and antibacterial wipes for the potty in. This little box lived next to the potty the first few weeks when Leyton was showing interest but still in nappies. So when he would shout POT or grab his nappy and take himself to the potty we would take everything off for him to sit and try and then we had things ready in the Box. When we really threw ourselves into it we went to pants and the box was used less and less, but the beginning of potty training was definitely helped by this.

Make more shelving where there is none

This is another Ikea special – comes in very useful in our tea making area and also in our cupboard where we have a lot of little jars that can be double stacked now. I’m sure it would be easy enough to make something like this too if you were feeling really creative.

Use a bottle as a cellotape store

And to finish off, a slightly silly one… this was my husbands idea when I said I was Pinterest searching for a pole type device I could make to keep all my cellotape rolls on (these have been multiplying as the more crafts and bits we do!)… and he then tongue-in-cheek said to just stack them on the Rum bottle. Well actually, I don’t mind that so haha that’s where it’s stayed.

Please let us know how you get on with any of these, or feel free to add some comments with your own!!

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