Potty Training Poetry

Please excuse Leyton’s Mumma, she has been reading far too many Julia Donaldson books lately and is not a professional or practiced Poet by a long way!!

Leyton’s Mumma Says…  

A ‘How To’ on Potty Training’s been done many a time,

So we thought we’d turn ours into a rhyme.

 We thought we’d start properly on May 1st weekend,

3 days off, no plans, so lots of time to spend.


(At this point we’d had 4 weeks of casually weeing,

The potty’d been out, lots of signs we were seeing.)


We thought – Continue on? Can’t go back, Time to leap?

Into Puddles, Potties and Pants for Leyton to keep.


Lots of accidents, 10 minute reminders and tears,

But lots of wee’s on the potty allayed our fears.


Our sticker reward chart recommended by mates,

Went down a storm, for every trickle he gave.


Good thing with Spring/ Summer: lots of hand washing done,

Tiny pants on the line being dried by the sun.


We carried on with stickers and lots of claps and praise,

And not dwelling on the accidents in the next coming days.


We bought pullups for car journeys and long days out,

With pants underneath to feel wetness when in doubt.

Our changing bag items have changed considerably!


Puppy Training Pads went on the sofa and pushchair,

Again to try not fuss when we had puddles there.


It’s taken a few weeks to have ‘dry’ days in a row,

(Although naptimes & nightimes are a complete no go!)


We still have regression sometimes when eating or play,

Mumma tries not to curse & say’s we’ll get there one day!!


Potty Training Kit:

  • Potty
  • Potette plus / child toilet seat (if you have bathrooms on 2 floors it’s especially good to have 2 potty type seats. We’ve tried to alternate Leyton to encourage him not to have a preference, and doesn’t mind whichever)
  • Anti bacterial wipes (to sanitise potty)
  • Potette Plus Disposable Liners (life saver when on long car journeys/ in a park miles from a toilet. They’re a kitchen roll type lined carrier bag specifically to go over kids toilet seat or a potette plus )
  • Pullups (as backup when driving or somewhere you don’t want to risk an accident)
  • Nappy sacks (to put wet clothes in when away from home)
  • 10 x toddler pants
  • Puppy Training pads (for the sofa / pushchair / carseat. They’re super absorbent!)
  • Handwash powder
  • Kitchen roll (to soak up accidents)
  • Spare clothes (In his changing bag we have 1 entire spare outfit + 1 more pants + 1 more trousers + 1 more pullup)


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