Lazy days

Nathan’s Mumma says…

Lazy days, nothing days, slobbing out, chill time days. These are the days when you don’t have anything planned, have nowhere you need to be and no one but your child and yourself to please. We love days like these. I spend so much time finding new and interesting places to take Nathan, or new activities to try with him that these lazy days become a much needed time to relax for both of us. 

But what do we do on such days? We wear our most comfortable clothes and we take our time over breakfast in front of cartoons and a book. I might even push the boat out and have more than one cup of tea.

Our weekends recently have been  particularly busy for us with a visit down to family in Hertfordshire on a Saturday and then a trip to Chatsworth House on Sunday followed by an afternoon with Nana and Grandpa. So a lazy Monday was very much in need.

But how do you keep an active 2 year old busy at home all day? Without needing to attack Pinterest for craft and activity ideas, or venturing out of the house…

  1. Cars. Lots and lots of cars! We have a box full of cars, tractors, buses and other vehicles. Nathan loves to play with cars.  
  2. Painting. Nathan loves to paint in his scrap book and it saves me having hundreds of pieces of paper lying around drying. We alternate with crayons and felt tip pens to allow for drying in this case. We have poster paints and a water colour type paint palette to choose from. Nathan does usually insist on adding sparkles (glitter).
  3. Books. Nathan loves nothing more than sitting on your knee and having a story, he’s certainly got his favourites and can now tell you the story. Dear Zoo, The Hungry Catepillar, Faraway Farm and Postman Bear are top of his list.    
  4. Sandpit. We recently discovered that Nathan will sit at a sandpit for ages and amuse himself. He fell in love with Leyton’s at his birthday party so we spent some Easter money on one for Nathan and it’s been a god send for when we need to sit down for a bit in the garden. He loves playing in the garden generally but it often involves us pushing his swing or playing ‘shops’ in his playhouse.  
  5. Childrens television. Not something we watch all day, everyday but on occassion it’s a necessary evil. Nathan particularly loves the Postman Pat movie and Polar Express. He will also sit and watch several episodes of Ben and Holly, Hey Duggee, Bing Bunny, Show me Show me and, unfortunately, Peppa Pig. 

 I do encourage Nathan to play by himself as I believe it encourages their imagination to develop, and it gives me a break. We do love playing together on days like these too and make believe tea parties and picnics are a hot favourite with Nathan. 

Tomorrow it’s back to normal and the everyday chaos of life with a 2 year old, his active social life and the day to day learning that comes with being a Mummy and toddler…now, what to do with a loo roll middle???


      One thought on “Lazy days

      1. Birthday parties are great for seeing what your child is interested in. It’s my Toddler’s 2nd birthday next month and I considered getting her a small indoor trampoline. Until we went to a friends house and found she paid no attention to theirs. Instead she loved the little dolly and pram. Voila!


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