Fathers Day – what to do?

Nathan’s Mumma Says….   Fathers Day is a special time of year for us. Nathan’s Dadda works so hard so that I can stay at home with Nathan that we really like to spoil him. We equally like to spoil Nathan’s Grandpa and Grumpy, although the latter is rather difficult to buy for and doesn’t […]

Treasure baskets & heuristic play

Nathan’s Mumma Says…. When Nathan was born I had never heard of treasure baskets/discovery boxes or heuristic/sensory play. I quickly learnt that babies satisfy their need to explore the world through sensory play, and it aids their cognitive development. With heuristic play they can touch, suck, lick (all items should be suitable for this as […]

What’s in a weekend – Mother’s Day!

Leyton’s Mumma Says… So Mother’s Day has come round again this March (for the UK anyway) and it’s a great time to unite as women and mother’s as well as celebrate our own mums too! But is this day just a money maker for the card and gift companies? We now have cards for grandmothers and […]

Gifts Galore – Christmas Shopping Inspiration for all the family

At Mumma Says we really like Christmas, and the joy of finding that perfect present. We like the search for that specific present which we hope our nearest and dearest will enjoy come Christmas morning…   On that note we have come up with our Top Ten Gifts to help with inspiration for the special people in […]

Twas the night before Christmas…and all the shops are shut!

All the Mummas say…   Christmas is a stressful time for everyone, what to buy people, Christmas parties, family gatherings, writing cards, decorations…the list goes on. Before we all had children the run up to christmas was fraught but manageable. Now with toddlers in tow we have less time, less money and less patience with […]