Teaching children about holidays

Nathan’s Mumma says….

After our adventurous time at Centre Parcs last year where we discovered Nathan’s egg allergy we decided to stick with holidaying in the UK. As we cannot afford to travel to somewhere like the USA or Canada, or manage the flight to Australia, where the language barrier isn’t a problem and we can easily access allergy information, we came to the conclusion that holidays in Europe were too dangerous with the language issue to risk Nathan’s safety.

So, where to go?

With a small child, 3 generations in total, and differing tastes in activities we summised that Centre Parcs was a good solution again, then someone mentioned Bluestone Wales (think Centre Parcs on a smaller scale in the Pembrokeshire countryside). An added bonus for us is that we can visit my aunt and uncle in Saundersfoot (near Tenby) while we are there, and we can break our journey from the midlands at Worcester to have lunch with my mum’s cousin. It a win-win situation.

*I’ll be writing a review of Bluestone Wales when we return in late June.

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Now then, the point of this blog…how to get Nathan ready for our holiday. I don’t mean the practicalities of a holiday in the UK, I mean how to get him tee’d up ready for our adventure before we go so that we can make the most of the 5 days we have in Wales.

I wanted to teach him about what we will see and do before we go in order for him to really capitalise on what he sees and does once we’re there.

downloadEver the Pinterest addict I looked up crafts on the various topics we would experience:

  1. The countryside…trees, mountains & feeding wildlife
  2. The beach…buckets & spades, starfish & sailboat potato stamps
  3. The farm…tractors, sheep & pigs
  4. The zoo…giraffes, zebras & tigers
  5. Travelling…traffic lights, vehicles & packing a suitcase

*These crafts and activities are all being used along with his usual sessions of painting and colouring, messy play and his various groups and pre-school sessions.

We have also been singing lots of songs on these topics too…

  • old macdonald
  • alice the camel
  • animal fayre
  • peter rabbit
  • she’ll be coming round the mountain
  • row row row your boat
  • wheels on the bus .

Our little bookworm is lapping up the stories we’ve been reading too, his eternal favourite Faraway Farm is back along with his My First Atlas.

We’ve also been reading Kipper’s Beach BallAnimal Hide and Seek (Farmyard Tales Touchy-feely)The Very Hungry Caterpillar [Board Book], What the Ladybird Heard and Dear Zoo to name but a few!download (3)

Nathan has lots of toys that we can use too.

His fisher price little people farm is a brilliant toy, he has several Jellycat cuddly toys that include a zebra and a donkey. He has buckets and spades which we’ve been using in playsand as well as in the garden to find worms.

Having a boy means that our house is overrun with cars, trains and other vehicles. We’ve been looking for all the animals we might see on our planned trip to Folly Farm  on his alphabet and numbers wall charts too.

Regardless of whether you have a specific target like a holiday to focus on, or if you just fancy spending time playing and learning about a set theme these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sensory play, messy play, craft, reading and singing.

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