The Toddlers Revolt!

What our Mumma’s Say…

I wonder if it’s just our babies and toddlers who seem to think these things…

  • Mummy won’t let me store my toys (or the house keys) in the washing machine and try make all the lights come on by pressing buttons
  • Mummy won’t let me play with the blender. Or whisk.
  • Mummy won’t let me eat dirt in the garden.


  • Mummy won’t let me climb on top of the sofa.
  • Mummy won’t let me pull the green strawberries off the plants, only RED ones.
  • Mummy says I can’t draw on the walls, I showed her I CAN!
  • Mummy says I have to hold on tight when I’m on the swing or riding a donkey
  • Mummy won’t let me eat all the banana muffins she just made, all at once.
  • Mummy won’t let me cuddle the cat until he squeaks
  • Mummy says I’m too little to drive the car.

2014-07-15 16.09.26

  • Mummy thinks 4 spoons to eat my dinner is unreasonable.
  • Mummy says I have to wear my coat, hat, gloves AND boots when it snows!
  • Mummy makes me pull my pants and trousers down every time I try and wee on the potty.
  • Mummy says if I want to jump in puddles I must wear my boots…who am I? Peppa Pig?!
  • Mummy won’t let me paddle my feet in the dog bowls.
  • Mummy won’t let me fix the dog by hitting him with my hammer or drill.
  • Mummy doesn’t like me pulling clothes off the washing line and washing them in my paddling pool.
  • Mummy shouts when I empty the cupboard to hide and shut the door. Even though Daddy thinks it’s funny sometimes.


  • Mummy said I could have a little trolley but then I could only go where she told me to go: she didn’t let me go behind the tills or out of the door or put some new toys in my trolley. She said we are not getting a little trolley again.


  • Mummy doesn’t let me watch telly at 1am, 2am or 3am!
  • Mummy doesn’t like me putting sudocrem on my face.
  • Mummy doesn’t like me trying to clean the dog when I get at the baby wipes. But she doesn’t mind me putting my muslin on him so he can sleep.
  • Mummy won’t let me climb up and dance on the coffee table, and when I fell off once she wasn’t nearly sympathetic enough.
  • My demands of chocolate for dinner always go unanswered.
  • Mummy doesn’t let me have cottage pie for breakfast either.
  • Mummy shouts when I finally find a toy or book that can fit through the stairgate/ bannister gaps and goes all the way downstairs.

2014-12-06 11.36.33

  • Mummy says I can’t dunk my biscuit in daddy’s tea.
  • Mummy cut my cake into pieces when I wanted to do it.
  • Mummy wouldn’t cut my cake when I wanted her to do it, she said I knew how to.
  • Mummy kept telling me off when I cut my cake into lots and lots of crumbs and brushed them onto the floor.
  • Mummy says I can’t have my hands cleaned every 2 minutes, that it’s ONLY paint!

2015-02-04 14.15.56

  • Mummy was happy that I helped and carried my melon round the supermarket, then shouted when I threw it to show her it wasn’t a bouncy melon.
  • Mummy put some shopping bags aside so I could unpack but didn’t like me helping myself to any bags. I tried to help with ‘Mummys special’ shopping bags but these eggs weren’t even packed properly…



  • Mummy won’t let me run round with screwdrivers, even when daddy has lots to spare.
  • Mummy says Grandpa’s spade is too big for me to dig with.

2015-04-04 10.31.55

  • Mummy gets embarrassed by my learning to shout, especially when I’ve shouted at the top of my voice ‘hello lady’ at the MAN serving us at the checkout about 50 times when he gives in and says hello back.
  • Mummy wont let me walk down the stairs on my own.
  • Mummy wont let me play out in the street now I can reach the front door handle.

Mummy then says she loves me so so much, as if that makes up for the above!! 😉

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