Autumn crafts & activities 

Nathan’s Mumma Says…

Now that September is here it marks the beginning of Autumn in our house. Not being particularly fond of hot weather, we really enjoy autumn and it’s crisp sunny days that allow us to get outside and jump in puddles and collect leaves. We equally love the foggy, wet days when we can snuggle up and get crafty.


Our favourite autumnal crafts include:


  1. Leaf crafts like this hedgehog. Nathan understands where leaves come from so this is a particularly good craft for him this year.
  2. Cork stamp trees, we love painting all year round but getting our autumnal colours out and using corks to stamp leaves on trees is extra special. You can also use cotton buds for a similar effect
  3. After a walk to collect leaves we will be doing leaf rubbings to see the different shapes they make!

  4. Leaf suncatcher…we tried our hand at a suncatcher over the summer and Nathan really enjoyed it so we are looking forward to making this autumn version.
  5. Leaf wreath. This is a new one for us, using tissue paper and leaves together. We will add sparkly bits and some glitter

There are also a couple of theme specific times during autumn that are rather fun…

Namely Halloween and Bonfire Night! 

(And we can’t believe its almost been a year since our little Mumma Says babies were having a halloween party, and now we are looking at pre-schools for next year! Here’s some pics below to accompany our 2014 Halloween post )

We will be marking these days with fun and crafts too, in only a way a toddler and a Mumma armed with pinterest can!


Pumpkin potato stamps

Pumpkin painting looks amazing fun for little ones who aren’t yet old enough to so the traditional carving

Toilet roll fireworks, another way to use our favourites of paint and loo roll middles

Bonfire finger painting, what a great messy way to create a safe bonfire!

*Please be careful where you buy any costumes from after the horrific injuries sustained by Claudia Winkleman’s daughter last year.





The autumn activities we have planned include:

  1. Conker rolling
  2. Applebobbing‘
  3. Singing ‘autumn time is coming’
  4. Autumn scavenger hunt
  5. Autumn tuff tray

Why not work your way through this 100 autumnal activities list?

There will be lots more craft and activity ideas appearing over on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages during autumn as we progress through this beautiful season.


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2 thoughts on “Autumn crafts & activities 

  1. What a lovely fun filled post with lots of ideas, I remember doing all these things with the kids when they were younger, I love seeing their imaginations running wild and enthusiasm for it and the joy in their eyes when they have finished making something x


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