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Nathan’s Mumma Says…

The Mummas have been chatting and we agree that the contents of our changing bags, and indeed the bags themselves, have changed within the last year. We no longer have to pack spare breast pads, bottle warmers or muslins. But what have these, once essential items, been replaced with?

Out with the stereotypical changing bags and most of us now carry a backpack, child sized ones mostly. I carry quite a large one that is specfic to Nathan’s allergy issues. Millie’s Mumma carries one with Millie’s name on, the other toddlers have ones related to their favorite television programme…Peppa Pig to Paw Patrol and everything in between.

Most of use still carry a spare set of clothes, either due to potty training, being at nursery, the change of seasons or just out of habit. Nathan currently has a set of joggers and a pair of shorts in his bag along with a spare t shirt, vest and socks.

images (7)

Those of us who have embarked upon potty training also carry spare pants/knickers, pull ups (for longer car journeys) download (2)and even a potty or loo seat. I have recently purchased a Potette Plus for using when out and about. It is a folding potty and toilet seat in one which uses disposable liners when in potty mode. These can then be disposed of in a nappy bin. It has proved invaluable when away from home and a distance from the nearest toilet! We stopped mid Boots shop the other day for a wee. Leyton’s Mumma uses the liners with a regular toilet seat cover (and has used it several times in the last month to pull over in a side street mid car journey for a wee!) , while Ellie’s Mumma uses a regular potty. Ellie is very good at using a toilet now, even without a toilet seat!

Those not yet ready for potty training still carry nappies but in far fewer quantities. And naturally we all still pack baby wipes in large numbers because they’re useful for just about any situation!

Then comes the issue of snacks, dare you go out the house without so much as a rice cake or biscotti to your name? We don’t! We’re all for healthy eating when it comes to our children, so we try and aim for the good treats at snack times…

  • Fresh fruit
  • Breadsticks
  • Cheese cubes
  • Fruit pouch
  • Dried fruit
  • Yoghurt coated raisins/fruit flakes

Drinks are always an essential item when it comes to a toddlers bag of tricks. By and large the Mumma Says children all drink water during the day. A few have weak squash, none of them have fizzy pop or caffineated drinks! They all prefer a different style of beaker too, ranging from an open cup to a sports bottle to a more advanced version of a sippy cup…

Bickiepegs Doidy Cup (Red)

Tommee Tippee Explora Active Sipper (Blue)

Nuby No Spill Flip It (Various Colours)

Sistema Twister Bottle, 460ml, Aqua

download (1)

Some of us have taken up packing a book, small toy or colouring book and crayons for when children need distracting such as when waiting for food, traffic jams/breakdowns, waiting at appointments. Millie’s Mumma carries a set of plastic stacking balls, Poppy’s Mumma carries a Peppa pig book and several of the boys have a small car for such times.


Has our Mumma section of the bag altered at all? Well that all depends on who you ask. I obviously still carry Nathan’s various medications (including Calpol sachets)along with a travel size hand sanitiser gel, mints and a hair bobble. I no longer carry paracetamol as Nathan can undo zips. Those who haven’t finished teething still stash ambesol/nelsons but most of us have finished teething now. We all carry our phones and purses, some of us carry a diary, pen etc.

Leyton’s mumma carries the kitchen sink! She regularly takes an umbrella and sunglasses to cover the Great British Weather, portable phone power bank (purple gadget below), earphones, perfume atomiser spray (red bottle below) and other “essential” items which spill out of her bag 😁 As you can see below, she stores the majority of her items in a little make up bag inside her backpack, which in a rush she can transfer to an actual handbag on child free outings. She actually takes Leyton’s ‘occupying’ toys in Leyton’s Littlelife backpack because it’s light so he can carry it himself aswell as it acts as reins (she collects tiny items from the birthday party goodie bags for this purpose).

Now that the new wave of Mumma Says babies has begun there is a whole new changing bag challenge on the horizon…packing for two! But that will be a post for another day…

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