Autumn crafts & activities 

Nathan’s Mumma Says…  IT’S AUTUMN! Now that September is here it marks the beginning of Autumn in our house. Not being particularly fond of hot weather, we really enjoy autumn and it’s crisp sunny days that allow us to get outside and jump in puddles and collect leaves. We equally love the foggy, wet days […]

Summertime messy & sensory play

Mumma Says…. We love summer! We love messy play! We love sensory play! So combining the 3 is our idea of heaven! This year with most of the children turning 2 we can really extend our messy play ideas outside and get completely filthy! Children benefit from messy and sensory play sessions as it helps […]

A day out at Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent…*REVIEW*

Nathan’s Mumma Says…   With birthdays in January, February and early April, our household has fairly sparse pickings for birthday outings. We are mostly limited to indoor activities, or getting cold and wet. So when the weather forecast for Nathan’s Daddy’s birthday suggested sunshine we immediately searched for an outside adventure for the day. Friends […]

Brilliant Books for Mumma’s to read

This is a list of books/ websites we loved reading and think you will too! * We will often update this with extra things we find, so this is just a starting place… Conception & Pregnancy: What to Expect Before You’re Expecting (Heidi Murkoff) Pregnancy – The Inside Guide: a Complete Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy […]

Halloween with babies & toddlers

The Mumma Says ladies have gone all spooky this October and have put together a Halloween special for those of you who enjoy eating too much chocolate and too many sweets, whilst walking around in the cold and dark, knocking on strangers doors. So where do you start? COSTUMES Regardless of the appeal of the […]

The Terrible Twos

Nathan’s Mumma says… Tantrums, oh the joy. Terrible twos, what fun. Biting, kicking, pinching, yelling, smacking, face pulling, pouting…I could go on. All this in one day with my 18 month old son, yes you heard correctly. Nathan started the terrible twos early, and apparently some children never have them at all. Fortunately it’s not all of […]

If you’re App-y and you know it, clap your hands

Nathan’s Mumma says… Sorry, I couldn’t resist. In all seriousness, apps are a pregnant woman/mums best friend…they range from ovulation trackers and pregnancy diaries, to kick and contraction counters, new baby daily tips and sleep sounds, to distraction apps and learning tools. It’s a whole world of technology for you and your child. If you […]