Summertime messy & sensory play

Mumma Says…. We love summer! We love messy play! We love sensory play! So combining the 3 is our idea of heaven! This year with most of the children turning 2 we can really extend our messy play ideas outside and get completely filthy! Children benefit from messy and sensory play sessions as it helps […]

Treasure baskets & heuristic play

Nathan’s Mumma Says…. When Nathan was born I had never heard of treasure baskets/discovery boxes or heuristic/sensory play. I quickly learnt that babies satisfy their need to explore the world through sensory play, and it aids their cognitive development. With heuristic play they can touch, suck, lick (all items should be suitable for this as […]

St Valentine

Nathan’s Mumma Says… Valentines Day, a commercial offering or a romantic tradition? Dating back to the 5th century it is a festival celebrating an english martyr, before being romantisied by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 12th century. But enough of the history lesson…whether you partake in Valentines Day or not, through choice or not, it is […]