Hospital Bags – All you need is love, love, love is all you need…and big pants

The Mumma Says Ladies say….   Packing your hospital bag is such a personal thing. Depending on your personality and temperament you may wish to pack for every eventuality or just wing it with the bare essentials. But what are the bare essentials? What does every woman need during her visit to hospital, be it […]

Breastfeeding after a rocky start with a bottle hating baby

Leyton’s Mumma Says…   When you’re pregnant and considering breastfeeding, everyone from friends and family to colleagues and even complete strangers offer up advice. This actually applies to any baby topic when I come to think about it, but in terms of breastfeeding I’ve heard so much…. Including the following nuggets: It’s the most natural […]

Teeth and Teething (dentists, brushing, teething symptoms & tips)

Leyton’s Mumma Says…   Teething can start from birth and go on for years. Sorry to break that to you, but it’s better to be prepared and realistic I feel. By this I mean, I’ve heard of babies who had 2 teeth when they were born or starting showing teething symptons from 4 weeks old, […]