Summertime messy & sensory play

Mumma Says….


We love summer! We love messy play! We love sensory play! So combining the 3 is our idea of heaven! This year with most of the children turning 2 we can really extend our messy play ideas outside and get completely filthy! Children benefit from messy and sensory play sessions as it helps all areas of their development no matter what their age. Fine motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination, concentration, problem solving, communication and language are just a few of the areas that are enhanced by messy and sensory play. Some of our favourite messy play activities, old and new, are:

We equally love sensory play, and the warm sunshine makes it easier to get the water and mud going! Nathan and Millie have already been out playing with the water table and Ellie has enjoyed exploring her sandpit. The coloured rice is also good indoors as its easily hoovered or swept up, it can also be used in art and craft sessions. *remember to be sunsafe!


We also love experimenting with foods in the warmer weather, especially as sticky and mucky hands and faces can be washed easily in paddling pools and water tables. We are naturally very cautious about new foods given various allergies within the Mumma Says family.


So where do you buy items for your messy and sensory summer activities? The high street is still a great resource in places like Hobbycraft, WH Smiths, and The Works. We also love the quirky stuff you can find on the internet on site such as,,, and the wonders of (messy play and sensory play) never fail.

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