So you’re having a baby? 50+ Ultimate must buys

Leyton’s Mumma Says….


WE often get asked what is the ultimate list of products/ equipment etc you need for a baby. The problem is the finer details really depend on the parents and your personal preference to things. For example, I am a self-proclaimed OTT paranoid Mumma who likes excel spreadsheets and post-it lists for everything. Therefore, in true style I collected info off a million websites and spoke to other parents, and created a spreadsheet of products to buy when we were expecting Leyton.

Laugh as you may, it really helped me and I’ve put it below in case it helps you too. We were super lucky that we had close friends who had recently had babies too so we had a lot of nearly new stuff which we were given, and I’m no snob, I think a problem shared is a problem halved and this giant list of things to buy was getting out of hand so we happily had second hand things from our friends and said we’d happily pass things back along with our stuff if/when they popped out baby number 2.

The below list is focused on getting the essentials for the baby rather than pregnancy, for pregnancy info take a look at the Survival Guide or the Pregnancy What To Do per Trimester . Hopefully you find it useful!


Estimated price Actual price Lent / Gifted?
 Totals  £          –  £        –
Decorating Paint
Clothes hooks
Night light
Car Carseat
On the go Pushchair
Changing Bag
Baby carrier
Furniture Cot
Toy box
Changing table
Changing mat
Cot sheets
Stair gate x2
Muslin cloths x10
Baby Bath
Bath stuff
Baby towels
Nappy bin
Sheets for moses basket
Moses Basket
Baby monitor
Clothes Maternity clothes
6 vests
6 long sleeved bodysuits
6 sleepsuits
20 bibs
sun hat
Grobag/ sleeping bag
Day to day Nappies
Cotton wool
Baby wipes
Nappy bags
Feeding Breast pump
Nursing bras x2
Bottles + teats
Labour Pocket fan
Sanitary towels
Breast/ nursing pads
Food/ drinks (Full Hospital Bag List here)


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