Down at the bottom of the garden….

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Spring has sprung, the grass is green (and in need of mowing) and the bird are singing. It is the ideal opportunity to start getting together the various bits a pieces you might want or need for your garden fun! Regardless of age there are some guidelines to follow when out and about in the hot sunny weather:

  • Hats, always put a hat on your baby (and you) when the sun is shining
  • Suntan cream, the highest SPF and UVA rating as you can (minimum SPF30), these are not always found in the most expensive brands to its worth looking around (we’ve discovered ASDA own brand in SPF50 with 5 star UVA). Check the use by date too, it’s often only 12 months from opening. Remember to apply frequently!
  • Shade is very important for children, especially during the height of the day (11am-3pm) so invest in a IMG-20130414-00195parasol/sunshade for prams and strollers, we like:

i-Safe Buggy Shade Universal Sun Canopy Complete with Storage Bag (Black)

Koo-DI Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover (Charcoal Grey)

You might also want to get some car window blinds, our new favourites are:

2 NEW SMALL RECTANGULAR Car Window Side-Rear Seat Sun Screen/Shades/Sox- BLACK Mesh

For beach days its worth investing in a UV tent, it gives you privacy for changing and nap time too:

Frostfire Popup Beach Shelter with UV protection (50+ UPF)

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent (Blue/ Green)

  • Fluids, essential for all ages when getting hot and sweaty. We also swear by cooling spray, such as

Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray 200ml


Under 1’s are tricky to cater for in the garden, they’re either too little to do much but you are fretting over them being the right temperature, what to dress them in, are they hydrated, insects etc. Or they’re just at that put everything in your mouth stage and they’re just learning to walk and are very unsteady on their feet, especially on uneven surfaces such as grass, sand and patios slabs. A good way to cushion little bottoms outside is to invest in some Large Soft Foam EVA Floor Mat Jigsaw Tiles Alphabet & Numbers Kids Babies Puzzle Before you venture into your first spring/summer as a mumma it’s best to read up on poisonous plants and garden hazards on websites such as:


The obvious activities to do with the under 1’s in summer are swings, paddling IMG_1400pools and sandpits, along with the quintessential blanket and toys on the lawn (a personal favourite from Nathan’s first summer). However there are lots of great messy and sensory play option for babies that are brilliant for outdoors (and you can obviously use items from the Sensory Basket list):


The over 1’s but under 5’s are a fantastic bunch to explore the garden with, and the great outdoors in general. That bit more confident on their feet and better able to communicate and understand what’s going on around them, toddlers have a great time in the spring and summer. Once again the trusty sandpit and paddling pool come into force, Nathan now has a bigger paddling pool but Leyton has an inflatable water park!

2015-04-22 20.17.58

Our lawn is frequently covered in the multitude of garden toys Nathan has acquired…seesaw, car, quadbike, water-table, playhouse, tunnel, pop-up tent, basketball hoop along with various sports balls, beanbags and cars.

A greater sense of independence and adventure means that you can expand your sensory and messy play with toddlers, painting is just the tip of the iceberg! Do you have room for a mud kitchen?

Then there is the topic of venturing out of the garden on a sunny day, we very often like to go to the local park or for a walk on a sunny day. We live a long way from a beach but when we do go it’s great fun (until a wave knocks you over!) We also enjoy packing our bags for a picnic at a farm, stately home or gardens. The same rules apply for sun protection (on the beach or by the pool we opt for an all over UV suit for Nathan), and fluids but you have the option of various modes of transport…walking (with or without reins), trike, stroller or pushing dolly in her pram.

Enjoy the improving weather, for information on holidays in the sun with babies please read Leyton’s Mumma’s advice. We are planning a summer holidays blog too so come back and visit us for that!

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