I am a Mummy and I will be Yummy!

Nathan’s Mumma Says…

I have always struggled with my weight. I was never the slim kid at school, I regularly got bullied for my weight at primary images (1)school even though, now looking back, I wasn’t fat. Fast forward 20 years and I was pregnant with Nathan. As soon as the line appeared on the pregnancy test I lost my appetite, I felt like I had just eaten all the time. I craved ice cold blackcurrant squash and that was it. I once craved a roast chicken dinner in the middle of August. Other than the fizzy drinks that settled my stomach, I ate very little because that’s what I felt like. I did eat healthy stuff because I knew I needed to and occasionally towards the end I treated myself when I fancied something sweet.

I LOST over a stone and a half! I continued with slimming world throughout my pregnancy to monitor my weight and try eat healthy. Lets not forget at this point that Nathan was a very healthy 9lb 11oz at birth, and I could see from midwife checks and measurements he was growing well, so I wasn’t doing him any harm and I wasn’t intending to lose weight, I just wasn’t hungry.

(*Always talk to your doctor / midwife about eating habits if you are concerned during pregnancy. The average is a 11 to 40 lb gain dependent on your starting BMI apparently, but everyone is different and there is actually a Pregnancy Plan from Slimming World to ensure you are eating a balanced diet http://www.slimmingworld.com/health/policies/pregnancy.aspx )

The weight I lost during pregnancy and once Nathan was born meant I could fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans after 2 weeks!!

Once Nathan was born my appetite returned and a post-caesarian sleep deprived woman eats whatever she wants that’s quick and easy (as I wasn’t allowed to stand for long periods and cook, for 6 weeks!) so takeaway menus and pasta became our diet. DANGEROUS! The weightloss didn’t last long, if only I’d realised how slim I was…. 😦

And now I’m faced with needing to lose weight again the hard way…diet and exercise. I could kick myself!


I hate exercise, I’m definitely not a sporty person. I don’t participate in team sports in any capacity other than first aider. I don’t fancy going for a run, I don’t enjoy the gym, I don’t relish the thought of a fitness class. The rush of endorphines that people talk about? Never get that. I don’t like being sweaty, or hot. I hate wearing a sports bra (necessary with my cleavage) and my tummy wobbles ridiculously when I jump up and down!


Why am I doing this then? I don’t want to be the fat mum at the school gates, I want to be able to run around with Nathan as he gets bigger, I would like to have another baby (there I said it) which should be more likely to happen, be easier to cope with and contain so much less criticism if I’m slimmer. The only way I’m going to get up off my rather round bottom is with the help of a personal trainer (and the occasional Davina fitness DVD).

10952670_904658982907386_321345266_aThat’s where my lovely friend Baz MacQueen at Potential Fitness comes in. A long time friend and basketball team mate, he has recently set up his own personal training business. Baz is the kind of guy who will listen to you moan and then just tell you to carry on (because you can do it!) He’s got an infectious attitude and is very calm and patient. He knows his stuff too, he can help you with all areas of fitness and nutrition, whatever your requirements and limitations are. I set him the task of devising a programme with these constraints:


  1. I can do the workout at home when I have a free hour during naps or with Nathan around
  2. I can continue with it if I get pregnant
  3. My general fitness improves

And he’s delivered. After filling in his in depth health and fitness questionnaire he came up with the programme I’m working to for the next 6 weeks, it goes something like this…2014-03-12 11.57.17

  • WARM UP (toe taps, lunges etc)
  • 30 minute brisk walk (I describe it as my “I’m running late” walk) whilst pushing Nathan in his stroller.
  • HIIT workout (high intensity) of squats, crunches and starjumps (because I can’t do burpees)

Our first workout was great, I loved the walk (although I was roasting when we finished) and quite enjoyed the HIIT until it came to the starjumps (big boobs+mummy tummy=too much wobble). I love that it a short sharp wack of exercise, not a long drawn out process of gym equipment.

Our second workout followed suit with a different walking route, again I was roasting afterwards. Baz increased my reps(?) this time and was a sneaky so and so when I had to break mid-starjump set to catch my breath. He just paused the timer and added about 20 seconds…soooo sneaky!

Third time wasn’t the charm as I’ve had a virus this week, however I did go for a walk with Nathan of about 1.5 miles and I managed a Davina Fit in 15 arms workout. Not great but it was all I could muster with a temperature and sore throat.

IMG_3138The hardest part of this initial phase is fitting in seeing Baz with everything else we do. He’s great at working around Nathan (who thinks he’s great) and is happy to do the programme at our house when we are free. The easiest part is exercising with Nathan, something I never thought possible. Getting fit with a toddler, now that’s a challenge I can do.

You can reach Baz on most social media:

Website www.potential-fitness.com

Twitter @BazMacQueen

Facebook www.facebook.com/BazMacQueen or www.facebook.com/potentialfitness

Instagram Potentialfitness


Follow our progress here on www.mummasays.co.uk

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