What’s in a weekend – Mother’s Day!

Leyton’s Mumma Says…

So Mother’s Day has come round again this March (for the UK anyway) and it’s a great time to unite as women and mother’s as well as celebrate our own mums too!

But is this day just a money maker for the card and gift companies? We now have cards for grandmothers and wives saying Happy Mother’s Day, potentially tripling the amount of pressies and cards bought… It is now apparently the second biggest holiday in terms of consumer spending, with around £13.5 billion spent on gifts and cards for this one occasion alone . I remember seeing a quote in the paper from a celeb saying they don’t celebrate Valentines, Mother’s Day etc because you shouldn’t just appreciate that person the one day per year, it should be every day of the year. Shhhh, don’t let the cash tills hear you say that! And this all sound’s very well and good but real life gets in the way and I am the first to admit I don’t tell my family and friends enough how much they mean to me. I’m not alone in that I’m sure!

You may be surprised to hear the modern version of Mother’s Day has only been around since the early 1900’s and established in the US as a day for families to honour their mother… but it has origins all around the globe including Roman festivals, Greek Gods, and the more religious Mothering Sunday which was originally to celebrate the Mother Church.

Well I think you can make it what you will. In my family, we do cards and gifts for the mums and leave it fairly low key. I prefer to make sure we get quality time in rather than presents especially as time is getting more and more precious (although I have to admit I was rather excited about my own little gifts I received with Personalised Leyton wrapping paper too! My treat from my boys was Afternoon Tea which is a secret delight of mine.)

There’s such a good choice of gifts/ spa type days out for Mum nowadays, along with things personalised with a  finger print or photo but don’t underestimate the value of some handmade. Nathan’s Mumma set her hubby the task of a handmade gift and the result was truly beautiful and thoughtful that captures this moment in Nathan’s life.

Beautiful Sun Catchers and Card

This is always one day I spare another thought for people that have lost their Mums, or Mums that have lost their children too. I never had the pleasure of meeting my Mother-in-Law and know it must be a tough day for my other half to be constantly bombarded with adverts about buying for your Mum when she’s passed away. I know it’s a tough day for a couple of friends who also feel it a little deeper now they are Mums themselves too and miss their own a little bit more. As someone who lost a baby girl when I was 5 months pregnant it also hits a little close to home on Mother’s Day, but my husband makes sure we enjoy the day and appreciate what we have.  (There is also my story on the Pregnancy with Our Rainbow Baby after a loss here.) 

And I think that is all we can do, to remember and respect the past and look forward to the future, but make strives to live in the present.

One thing that is for sure is Mother’s Day should be a day for Mumma’s to remind themselves of what a good job they do. Even if you’re a single parent and didn’t get a card off your little one, being a Mumma is a damn hard job and one day they will be able to tell you how fab you are… until then relish each smile off your child and know subconsciously they are grateful. So even if you don’t often Make time for yourself, here’s a gentle reminder to do just that!! (Tate’s Mumma has recently written some top reasons as to why it’s so very important here.)

Interflora have a great Mum Calculator http://www.interflora.co.uk/content/mum-salary-calculator/ which will is a very literal and visual example of the good work you do. They also did a great advert this year to highlight how much Mumma’s would earn if they got paid for each of their duties as a Mumma and what salary it would equate to…. Marketing gold if you ask me.www.hardestjobintheworld.co.uk

So whether you think it’s a commercial moneymaker, a sentimental celebration, a religious day or whatever you choose…  I think it does no harm to be reminded of things we are grateful for and wish our nearest and dearest Happy Mother’s Day!

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