Baby Shower Fun! Welcoming baby to the world

As a group of women as well as Mummas we have each experienced the phenomenon known as ‘a baby shower’. Be it one for ourselves for one for a friend or relative, these situations have ranged far and wide from the simple lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant to a full blown baby themed extravganza!

So what does a baby shower entail? What are the rules and expectations for hosting one? Are there certain do’s and don’ts for guests and Mums alike?

If you are planning to host a baby shower here are a few key ideas that cropped up amongst the ladies at mumma says…

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  • The hosts home: This makes the decorating and food preparations easier especially if it is a surprise for the expectant mumma. However if, like Nathan’s Mumma, she is in the know you could hold the party at her house so she is more comfortable. This option offers you the most flexibility regarding decorations, catering and games. You also won’t be limited on time.
  • Local tea rooms/coffee shop function room: These are often more intimate that a pub function room purely down to the space available and the decor. Some deli’s also offer private room hire for small gatherings. Regardless of the type of shop you choose they often insist on doing the catering which isn’t appropriate for all baby showers.
  • Restaurant: Either locally or at a specific destination. This is the no-muss no-fuss option, the low-key, ladies-who-lunch idea for those not wishing to have a “baby themed” event. It’s doubtful that you will get the privacy to decorate as you wish, or to play any baby shower games (that comes later on in the blog).


Once again pinterest has come to the rescue of many a mumma says baby shower. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for when the next round of mumma says babies begins…

Some of our more crafting style mummas have found some really lovely decorations to make yourself, you have been warned! (They’re a crafty bunch!) check out their favourite websites…


Lets face it, when pregnant a good few of us mummas NEED food, LOTS OF FOOD! Once the first trimester sickness has given way WE. MUST. EAT. But what to feed people at a baby shower? Do you want a formal sit down type thing or more of a buffet style? Do you want to do an afternoon tea, or drinks and snacks? Time of day will largely dictate the style of food you go for.

  • Afternoon tea, like Amelie’s Mumma’s shower, can comprise of finger sandwiches with various fillings, scones, cakes, biscuits and nibbles along with the obvious tea (and coffee), always remembering to offer a decaff version for those pregnant friends. This is an ideal choice if you decided to have the event at a tea rooms etc.  (Click here to read about Amelie’s Mumma’s birth story)
  • Sit down meal, this is only really an option if A) you live in a huge house B) you opted for a restaurant setting like Leyton’s Mumma or C) you don’t have many guests coming. It is also slightly more intimate because of these restrictions.  (Click here to read about Leyton’s Mumma’s birth story)
  • Buffet food is quite common amongst baby showers as its easy to prepare and serve for the host, easy for people to eat and can be cost effective. It also gives you the flexibility to design your food around your given theme…boy/girl/twins/surprise etc.
  • Nibbles and snacks is ideal for a post-work function or an evening only event. One that starts after most people have eaten their evening meal or are coming from work before heading home. Nathan’s Mumma had an evening baby shower as her weekends are extremely full and most of her friends worked full time. (Click here to read about Nathan’s Mumma’s birth story)


Once the games are set, the food is bought and the decorations are up there is only one thing left to give…PRESENTS!!! Regardless of whether you have children or not, if your children are boys or girls, or a mixture, there is something very special about buying a gift for a new born. Will you buy cute little clothes? Practical clothes or equipment? Keep-sake gifts? Frivolous toys? Do you ask the mum to be what she would like? Are you sneaky enough to ask her partner what she has her eye on? There are so many options and combinations…do you all buy individual gifts or pool your money for a larger more expensive item? Whatever your choice there are some amazing baby shower gifts to buy…


We hope this helped to give you some inspiration for the next baby shower in your life!

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