Baby Led Weaning – The Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett book IS A MUST!!

Leyton’s Mumma Says…

Finding foods and recipes to feed your baby when they start weaning can be a daunting task. I knew I wanted to do ‘baby led weaning’ from the research I’d done and NHS recommended pamphlets I’d read… but the next step felt like a big one. I was lucky that had a few friends from the NCT classes I went to that all had babies at the same time, and the general consensus when friends of friends had done weaning was to try the Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett Baby Led Weaning Cookbook, with over 130 recipes to take you right from the start of baby-led weaning…. So we went ahead and purchased it and I can confidently give it a 10/10 – it really is one of my best baby purchases!

If you are starting out on the weaning journey, it’s worth checking out our Baby Led Weaning Story and Nathan’s Mumma’s Purree story to compare and see what you think will work for you.

This Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook can be found on Amazon for around a tenner here The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook

So here’s our thoughts and favourite recipes 🙂


This book is great for:

*Information for new mums of 4-5 month old babies thinking about starting Baby Led Weaning (BLW) soon. The beginning chapters give helpful notes on good starter food, signs of when your baby is ready and the principles of BLW. It takes you through the stages of weaning thoroughly.

*Salt free and sugar free recipes for young babies upwards.

*Great family meals and inspiration

*Baking and cooking tips about making white sauce and baking breads – I’ve finally found a quick way of making a cheese sauce, and we also had a great afternoon kneading and making our own bread from scratch which Leyton found fascinating.

* Simple recipes for un-confident cooks – it’s definitely improved my range of dishes, we now do soups and homemade dips that we never would have before!

* Easy to read sections and headings.

* Reasonably priced… and sized (Easy to fit behind you kettle and refer to frequently!)


Leyton’s Favourite recipes:

 Porridge and Porridge Fingers (Good for 6 months + )

* This and other breakfast recipes are good first foods to try and using this recipe avoids buying lots of branded ‘baby porridge’ (you’d be surprised how some are full of sugar and salt!) when babies actually enjoy normal porridge oats mixed with some full fat milk.

Portabello Mushroom Carbonara


  • So fast to make, egg free recipe (a lot of carbonara recipe’s use raw egg), yummy for all the family even if it’s made with a lot of cream so slightly calorific 😉 We use button mushrooms which work fine too, and now he’s older he loves practicing with his plastic cutlery to pick up the fusili pasta!


Colourful Chicken Risotto


  • Using ingredients you normally have in the cupboards/ fridge and packed full of vegetables. Leyton still eats this even if he’s teething because it’s soft, and I personally love this too as it’s really flavoursome.We tend to make this or the mushroom risotto the same week as the carbonara to utilise the parmesan in both recipes! I find it’s easy to meal plan like this and get inspiration for other recipes.


Banana Muffins

 banana muffin

  • Great to make batches and freeze/defrost as snacks for the baby. Sugar free but the over ripe banana’s make them sweet muffins. Great for lunchtime when you’re struggling of different ideas for meals too. Ahem… *cough cough* in this photo I may have got a bit carried away and made banana buttercream to turn my own muffin into a butterfly cake 😀



* * * * *

Don’t under-estimate the value in a big fruit platter and to constantly test and tease their tastebuds. Even if they don’t love what you’re making for a few days in a  row, don’t despair it will pass and there will be something they will soon devour… if there’s one thing the Baby Led Weaning Cook Book has taught me is to keep trying different things as their tastebuds are developing so it won’t be your cooking that’s up! It might even be something as silly as Teething making them suddenly change their eating habits or texture preferences. The good thing about the recipes in this book is that adults love the meals anyway even if you end up chucking away your baby’s portion and giving them toast.

We hope you love the book and please let us know your feedback and favourite recipes too 🙂


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