St Valentine

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Valentines Day, a commercial offering or a romantic tradition? Dating back to the 5th century it is a festival celebrating an english martyr, before being romantisied by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 12th century. But enough of the history lesson…whether you partake in Valentines Day or not, through choice or not, it is a special day to mark with our favourite little people regardless.

As parents it’s important to have time together as a couple, or as a single parent you need to make time for yourself or to meet new people 😉 Valentines Day is often the catalyst for romantic gestures and inspires us to boost our relationships and social life. Do your plans include a candlelit dinner at home like ours do? Or do you not mark the occassion at all? Some of our Mummas have shared their plans:

  • Book a table at a nice restaurant
  • Go away for the night at a hotel, leaving the children with grandparents/friends
  • Go for romantic day out

When it comes to our children it is tricky to know what you should and shouldn’t, can and cannot do regarding Valentines Day. Do you send the other parent a card? Send them to grandparents? Little friends of the opposite gender? I have planned a gift for Nathan’s grandmothers, and he made a card at playgroup this week for Daddy. There are so many fantastic crafts to make with small children for Valentines Day, once again our best source was but there are many kits you can buy for a Valentines themed craft session from brands such as baker ross and crafty crocodiles, or create your own from places like Hobbycraft. Our favourites are:

There are also some great games and learning activities you can do with children that centre on St Valentine. The obvious tasks of learning shapes and colours can be tackled on Valentines Day, you could get into the kitchen and bake some heart shaped cookies and then decorate them with pink and red icing and valentines themed sprinkles. These were a few of the ones which have caught our eyes for the next few weeks of play…

Then there’s the gift issue for your other half, gone may be the days when a mixtape or a homemade card were acceptable, or even considered sweet and romantic. Now we must make an “effort” and buy an item or two that “grown-ups” purchase, because that’s what we are now…grown-ups. If we had a choice (or the bank balance) we could choose…

944865_1_h  Valentines Champagne Gift Set £55 from

CP_05_T34_3075B_B0_X_EC_0 Ditzy Heart Mug £8 from

HT_03_T14_4604S_B4_X_EC_90 Cotton fresh trunks £15 from

Whatever form your Valentines Day takes, have fun with your little ones and enjoy the time to be a couple rather than parents. Indulge in taking the time to talk to each other about something other than the kids, eat your dinner while its hot, and relax in the company of another adult 😉

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