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Almost as soon as you see those little blue lines on the pregnancy test those pesky hormones have your stomach doing flip flops and you running to the toilet. Your boobs hurt like hell, you’re tired and everyone is annoying you. Ah the joys of pregnancy. So, if the pregnancy fairy could bring you a kit of things to help you through the 40 weeks what would be in it? What are those essential items to keep sickness at bay, to quell the eternal hunger or to give you enough energy to survive the day now you’re on caffeine rations? We asked a few of our Mummas for our collective thoughts below…


First trimester…

  • Polo mints, or any type of sucking mint really. The mint helps settle your stomach and sucking the sweet gives you something else to focus on. These were invaluable to me for going to the supermarket, a task that made me feel sick all the way through my pregnancy with Nathan.
  • Maternity Bras, at last a legitimate reason to stop wearing underwired bras! Maternity bras are so comfortable, and they are gradually becoming easier to find on the highstreet. It’s not just wondeful Mothercare, shops such as marks and spencers, H & M and Next all stock maternity bras, along side internet companies like figleaves and bravissimo.
  • Peppermint tea, again it’s the mint that settles your stomach and it’s good for keeping you hydrated if you are being sick.
  • Antacids, there are many different ones available but please do check with a pharmacist before taking them to make sure you get a ‘pregnancy safe’ variety.
  • Fizzy drinks, caffeine free of course, these helped settle my stomach brilliantly. Don’t ask me why, someone once told me it the aspartame? Don’t know if that’s true, but whatever the reason they helped. Try a few different drinks to see what works for you. Leyton’s Mumma swore by cold milk, which over time helped with the heartburn, for example.
  • Plain biscuits, ginger nuts or rich tea for example provide you with something to nibble first thing in the morning to ease the morning sickness.



Second Trimester…

  • FOOD! quite simple (unless you’re me and you lost your appetite completely) now you are over the sicky bit (hopefully) you want to eat everything in sight. Just go with it.
  • De-caffeinated tea bags & coffee, research suggest pregnant women don’t consume more than 200mg per day ( Caffeine can be found not just in coffee and tea but also in chocolate, some fizzy drinks and energy drinks.
  • Chocolate (I do know this is food but I’m being specific), dark chocolate is great for those diminishing iron levels.
  • Stretch Mark cream or oil (like Bio Oil), it’s never too early to start slapping this all over yourself. It’s not just for your bump either, anywhere that’s growing in size during your pregnancy needs a coat of this everyday.


Third Trimester…

  • Sleep bra, only the single most comfortable bra known to man. Keeps the breast pads in place at night so you don’t wake up damp and can be worn during the day too 😉 Supposedly helps prevent the post-baby boob sag.
  • Maternity pillow, a great big log pillow that fits between your knees and under your bump for increased comfort at night. I also found that the only comfortable way to sleep was with 4 or 5 pillows under my head to prop me up. Like you do when you have a cold.
  • Baby names book, such as Baby names 2015 or 10,000 baby names both available at
  • Maternity pyjamas, if only you could live in them!
  • Sudacrem, another joy of pregnancy is constipation and the sore bottom it can create. Soothing sudacrem becomes your best friend before baby even arrives.

All these hormonal surges and changes in your body are a necessary evil when it comes to growing your baby. They’re not always pleasant, but they are temporary. Try to count to 10 before shouting at someone during your pregnancy, they might well be annoying for breathing so loud but give them a head start in running away. In the grand scheme of things a 40 week pregnancy isn’t that long, it might feel it when you can no longer put on your own shoes or bend down when you drop something on the floor (I had olives on my kitchen floor for 8 hours because they fell out the fridge when my husband was at work and I was too big to reach them) but it is only 9 months out of your entire life. Treasure it, it may not happen again and there’s many that never experience this… and look what you get at the end of it…


* For a what to pack guide to hospital bags for you and baby (and Daddy too) read our previous blog, there is also a guide for what to include in your changing bag once baby arrives. See the Pregnancy Page for all our shortcuts!


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