Millie’s birth story: Induction day, a tale of Lucozade, bacon cobs and gas & air.

Daddy cuddles ‘bump’


Millie’s Mumma Says….


Millie’s due date was 10th June 2013. I went to see the midwife on my due date hoping for those words all expectant mothers hope for at their due date, yes you are in labour and it’s just a matter of time. But no, we talked about what signs to look for and she booked me in for a sweep a couple of days later. I was doing everything to try and get started on my download (33)own, eating pineapple (which I don’t like) eating curry, long walks, bouncing on my birthing ball, having sex, but she was obviously too comfy.

I went to the midwife to have my sweep and whilst she was doing it she asked me if I had been getting any pains, I had been getting tightenings all day and so she said that I could be starting and this sweep would hopefully be what I needed. She booked in to see me again the following week but assured me I probably wouldn’t go that far as I was already 2cm dilated.
A week passed by and still I had no signs of going into labour, although I was still having these irregular pains which would come every 10 minutes then stop after 40/50 minutes. The midwife was surprised to see me but could not give me the 2nd sweep in case it broke my waters in the doctors surgery, she booked me in to be induced on Saturday 22nd June and then sent me to the hospital as my blood pressure was also high but she suspected that I was in slow labour. I waited for my partner to get back home from work then went to the hospital, I was told that they couldn’t do a sweep as I was back at 0cm dilated. So we were sent home.
Saturday 22nd June came and we woke up feeling surprisingly relaxed and chilled out knowing that today was the day and we might be able to meet our little girl today, we weren’t booked in until 4pm so we tidied the house and sat and watched some films.
(Millie’s Dadda says: It was at this time that I had to pack the car up ready for the trip to hospital, the bags had been sat at the bottom of the stairs for what seemed for ever, and so at around 2:30 I loaded the 3 large bags full of clothes, spare clothes, baby clothes, nappies, one bag was full of nothing but food and drink… (We were well stocked with Lucozade and Red Bull for the first 4 months of Millie’s life!) into the car (Millie’s Mumma does like to be prepared!))
download (32)
We got to the hospital just before 4pm and was taken to the waiting area. At 4:30pm we were taken into the induction new picsuite and they put me on the monitor to see how baby Millie was doing. I spoke to lots of different doctors and nurses as I was more nervous about being sick during labour than anything, as I have a sickness phobia. They were great and reassured me that I would be given as much anti sickness as I needed to be comfortable.
(Millie’s Dadda Says: Sitting waiting by the bed in the induction suite the midwife told me I might as well go and get a bite to eat and a drink, after first declining, I was told to go by Millie’s Mumma and so I went for a little walk, found the hospital Costa and purchased what I was later to discover to be the first of many coffees, cokes and bacon cobs… I also found Millie’s Mummas Cola bottle with her name on (a good Oman we thought at the time as we had been looking for nearly the whole of 2013 at that point!) I should of just asked for a Direct Debit form!)
At 6:10pm the midwife came to look at Millie’s trace, and she said “have you been having contractions?” I told her about the possible slow labour but that they weren’t sure. They then put in a pessary to get the ball rolling. We were told to go for a walk, possibly find a stair well and walk up and down for a while. I had to go back every 45 minutes to be checked over but then was free to keep walking. On the 3rd walk the pain starting to get quite bad so we decided to go back to tell them my progress, I got a birthing ball and sat bouncing. Around 10:45pm I was in a lot of pain and seemed to have progressed quickly, I asked my partner to get some help.
The midwife came and checked me and I was at 4cm at 11:35pm, so I was now allowed to move to a delivery suite, as they tried to move me my waters broke and the pain got a lot worse. I had my anti-sickness and tried the gas and air (this was not my friend!) it made me feel drunk and the room spun the first time I tried it (which made me feel sick and made me extremely scared) my partner was fantastic and said I must keep trying it as it was probably going to get easier as I had never tried it before. He was right, and as my labour progressed gas and air became my best friend! 
images (19)
12:30am I asked for an epidural and it was put in at 1am. The next 5 hours were a blur.
(Millie’s Dadda says: This time consisted of shuffling around the bed, fluffing pillows, fetching glass after glass of water from the vending machine in the waiting room (hence all the left over Lucozade and Red Bull) and chatting with the lovely midwife Rachel who was looking after us and 2 other couples in the “early” stages, once we progressed Rachel did not leave our side and was a god send… after several days I found out that Millie’s Mumma had remembered nothing of this time… she  was slightly busy after all!)
At 5:45am I remember the midwife told me it was time to push, I tried to push for 10-15minutes using my gas and air but was told to stop taking it so often as I needed to be conscious to be able to concentrate. Millie was not wanting to budge so the midwife called for help as her heart rate was dipping on every push. My legs were placed in stirrups and they used the ventouse on her head to help her out. But warned us that if her head wasn’t born with the next contraction then I would have to go in for an emergency c-section.
(Millie’s Dadda says: this is the point when 2 doctors, the sister and around 5 midwives came rushing into the room.)
Her head was born on that next contraction but once her head was born they realised that the reason she was not coming into the world as fast as they had wanted was due to her facing the wrong way, her face was facing my thigh, it was too late to try and turn her so on the next contraction they had to help her on her way, by pulling the rest of her out.
(Millie’s Dadda says: this is when the sister and one of the other midwives had hold of Millie’s Mummas legs and lifted them up to her chin) Millie was born at 6:35am but was handed straight to the paediatrician to help get those first cries out, when she took her first lung full and let rip that shout both Dadda and I cried so much.
After Millie’s first photo, skilfully taken by the paediatrician Claire, Millie was handed to daddy and I was rushed to surgery as I had a 3rd degree tear, I was in surgery for an hour, and I will never forget that first time when I opened my eyes to my partner stood there with our daughter in his arms! Such an amazing feeling.
(Millie’s Dadda says: this week consisted of learning as much as we could from the midwives as not a lot of first time mummies and daddies get this chance, Costa bacon cobs, juggling visiting times, heel pricks galore to check Millie’s blood levels, and just enjoying being parents)
We stayed in hospital a week due to my surgery and Millie having jaundice. We took our little Millie home and she was the most amazing baby, all of the stress we went through to get her into the world was forgotten because all that mattered was that she was here, and we love her so much!

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