Hospital Bags – All you need is love, love, love is all you need…and big pants

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Packing your hospital bag is such a personal thing. Depending on your personality and temperament you may wish to pack for every eventuality or just wing it with the bare essentials. But what are the bare essentials? What does every woman need during her visit to hospital, be it in labour, to be induced or for a caesarean section.


What MUST you take?

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Hospital notes from you midwife (usually a white booklet)

Any medications you are taking

Any allergy information


What did we take that was invaluable during labour/induction?

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Vaseline or lip balm for dry lips when using gas and air

Warm socks


  • nighties or long t-shirt (you don’t want to flash your rear end whilst walking the hospital corridors)
  • slippers
  • dressing gown
  • bikini top (for a water birth)


  • sweets
  • crisps
  • chocolate
  • lucozade

Magazine or book or kindle/ tablet


Ipod (don’t forget you charger & headphones)

Hairbobbles, headband or hairclips

Magicool (or similar cool spray)

Flannel (to cool your forehead)


What did we take that was useful after delivery?

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Massive great big granny pants (especially useful for c-section woman, nothing should touch your incision)

Many of us were horrified at the idea of disposable knickers but they are available 

Clothes (for a couple of days/changing when dirtied by baby)

  • nighties
  • nursing bras
  • loose comfy trousers
  • sleep bra
  • hoodie
  • tops
  • coming home outfit (if you want to)
  • shoes
  • nursing vests if you’d like

Travel size toiletries

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • shower gel
  • deodorant
  • moisturiser
  • hairbrush & bobbles
  • hand sanitiser
  • tooth brush & tooth paste

Towel (oh that first shower!)

Mascara, blusher and lipstick (helps you feel a bit more human)

Maternity pads (your usual sanitary towel just won’t cut it)

Breast pads

V shaped pillow

Mobile phone (and charger)

Ear plugs


Then there’s baby, what do they need?

Clothes (newborn size is your best bet unless you are Nathan and a whopper!)

  • vests
  • babygrows
  • cardigans
  • hats
  • socks
  • booties
  • going home outfit
  • coat

Nathan in his going home outift


Cotton wool (for delicate bottoms)

Scratch mitts




Car seat

Baby wipes

Nappy bags (please be aware of the suffocation risk)

Nappies (newborn size)

Birth partner


  • spare t-shirt
  • trousers
  • socks
  • boxers
  • hoody


  • bananas
  • chocolate
  • sweets


Car park money (some hospitals offer a week long ticket that cheaper than daily charges if you are in for a while)

Swimwear (for a water birth)

Wipes (to freshen up)

Book or magazine or kindle/ tablet

Ipod (with headphones & charger)

Phone & charger

Camera & charger

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*Nathan’s Mumma talks in more detail about being induced and having a c-section, and what she needed in her Birth Story (click here)

*Leyton’s Mumma talks in more detail about her waters breaking and going into natural labour at 38 weeks, and what she took to hospital in her Birth Story (click here)


Places to buy these things:


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