Top 10 Breastfeeding tips!

Leyton’s Mumma Says…


Here’s my top 10 breastfeeding tips.

* This is definitely not poopooing people who formula feed,  I am a strong believer that different babies and different situations call for different things…. I can only share my personal tips from my 13 months of breastfeeding my little one. Here’s hoping it’s useful!

1. Buy some large muslin cloths you can tuck a corner under your bra strap and drape over your baby in public if you feel more comfortable a bit covered up, and they’re far more practical than purpose made giant breastfeeding covers I think (It’s discreet, already in position to wind your baby, can be used to mop up baby sick, can be a comforter for your baby, you can buy packs of 10 and wash them on a rotation…. etc etc…)!

2. Wrap a hair bobble round your bra strap symbolising the side you just fed on. You probably won’t remember.

3. Carry a bottle of water round for yourself. I got really dehydrated breastfeeding and this is the simplest way to get enough fluid in you! You’ll find if you’re dehydrated it does actually affect your milk supply 😦

4. Take a multivitamin, or continue taking a pregnancy one. I stopped when I had Leyton until when weeks later a health visitor pointed out it was a good way to ensure I had enough vitamins etc for me and my milk. So I started again religiously!

5. Rest often. Ok, so it’s not easy with a baby, but producing all that milk is tiring for your body so try rest/sleep when your baby does!

6. Eat a bit more. Don’t go crazy,  but remember that breastfeeding is supposed to burn an extra 400-700 calories a day (which is why breastfeeding helps you lose baby weight apparently!)…. so you’ll be needing a few more calories consumed if you want to keep your energy up!

7. Ask for advice. It’s such a complex topic and everyone has different hints and tips that work for them – I’d recommend talking to people who have breastfed for any period of time, as well as health visitors and breastfeeding support phone lines….and just take everything in and see what works for you. Remember not everything will be right for you or your baby, only you know that, but you may also be missing a trick by not asking. If it hurts when you feed, ask for medical advice too as it could be something that is simply rectified like the angle your baby’s resting. Although bear in mind of course there is an element of Ouch when feeding to start with (it’s not actually painfree for many people until you’re a few weeks in and adjusted!) but you shouldn’t be suffering so if you’re in pain to the point of dreading the next feed, talk to your midwife / health visitor.

*On the same note, don’t get scared or put off by what people say as some people have very strong opinions and it may be the polar-opposite to what you would try…. just smile and nod if what they’re recommending sounds like something you’re never going to do!

8. Write down how often you feed and for how long. I started writing it in a notepad I kept in Leyton’s changing bag but a friend recommended an app for my phone that was even better. Find something that works for you so if you ever need the information you’ll have it to hand. We don’t have gauges on our boobs so this may be the only recording you can do on your baby’s intake!

9. Burp your baby. Yours may not be a windy baby but I’ve found most breastfeeding mummas were told breastfed babies don’t need winding when in actual fact their babies all started screaming and scrunching their legs to their tummys after a feed and soon did a massive burp when winded!

10. Enjoy it. Sounds like a ridiculous statement but whether you can breastfeed for a few days, weeks or months, at the time it may seem like there’s no end in sight but every day you manage is doing great things for your child…. and that ‘people’ are right when they say the time flies by. So try enjoy the special bond you have with your little one and remember what a great thing you are doing 🙂

However long you do is up to you and your baby, try not to punish yourself if you stop before you thought you would. Everyone’s circumstances are very different and breastfeeding has to end for everyone at some point! Most mummas I’ve spoken to are hard on themselves about something so you’re not alone if you’re having worries but try not let your breastfeeding experience be one of your worries, because whatever time you do it for is super beneficial for your baby.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Breastfeeding tips!

  1. great tips, I struggled alot with feeding, and with my first 2 didn’t manage much at all, I finally managed 9 months with my youngest but it was very tough going. #thelist


    • wifemumandme We’re glad you liked the tips, any breastfeeding at all is a bonus so persevering for 9 months is amazing, well done! It is tough and every mummas experience is different, and different per child too. Hopefully by sharing tips, new mummas out there may find it a little easier or at least feel more confident in asking for help. Leyton’s Mumma x

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