Nathan’s birth story…

Nathan’s Mumma Says…

Looking at my beautiful baby boy now its seems a lifetime ago that he was born. It also seems so long ago that we went through the hardest time of our lives, losing two babies within 8 months. So finding out I was pregnant again was bittersweet, exciting and terrifying all rolled into one. Over the next 15 weeks I delayed seeing the doctor or midwife, mainly because I had some similar symptoms as before. As I got to 15 weeks I could delay it no longer, It needed sorting out one way or another.

Visiting the midwife was a waste of time in my book (at the time) as I was convinced we had once again lost our child. Don’t bother with the paperwork, just book the scan and lets get on with it. So you can imagine our surprise when the sonographer asked if we wanted to see it at the ultrasound…

‘why, has it got a heartbeat?’ I asked so casually. ‘Yes’ she said with a look of surprise at my question.

Well…you could have blown me down with a feather…a baby..alive and kicking at 15 weeks. 5 whole weeks further along than we had gone before. Our miracle…IMG-20120710-00631Fast forward 27 weeks (of which I worried for 26.5 of them) and I was 2 weeks overdue. We had scans at 20 weeks (anomalies scan) and 28 weeks (because I measured too big for my dates, nothing to do with the baby they said, you’re just big. Nice) and 36 weeks (growth scan, he was average). I was sent for a glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks too, because if you’re overweight you must have diabetes, er no actually, you don’t) I saw my midwife for blood tests, measurements and to hear the heartbeat (a brilliant sound). I saw my consultant, who IMG_2044.jpg bquestioned my BMI because I didn’t look it (ta very much). I had made my cousins wedding at 38 weeks, armed with my hospital bag and postcode for the local hospital. We got so many comments of ‘oh we’re glad you’re here, we didn’t think you would make it’,  I’m pregnant, I’m not ill.


A month later and this wee man had made no moves, not a single solitary twinge. I bounced on a birthing ball, ate hot curriesDerby-20130105-00048 and fresh pineapple…you name it we tried it (not all of them a good idea). I also had a cervical sweep done by my consultant, not very comfortable and not very successful.

How to kick-start labour at home:

  • Eat fresh pineapple (something to do with chemicals and hormones)
  • Go for a long walk (yeah, like it was further than round the block)thI06BYGH2
  • Drive down bumpy roads (I got someone else to drive as I was too big to fit behind the wheel)
  • Drink raspberry tea (add a drop of blackcurrant squash, its vile stuff)
  • Eat hot curries (this was a hit with my husband)
  • Having sex (select a posiiton carefully as its quite tricky ;D)
  • A dose of evening primrose oil or castor oil
  • Acupuncture or acupressure
  • Massage, be it a cuddle with your partner or a PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST


All of the ideas above need to be discussed with your midwife or doctor before you try them, please don’t take my word for it.

So I was booked in to be induced (cue 3 more internal exams/cervical sweeps) and when that failed I had a caesarean section (see induction and C-section blog).

Basically my induction involved me spending the night in induction suite, I was given a pessary and put on a heart monitor for a 2 hour continuous trace. Then left to stew until my contractions started, tightenings 8 hours later put me back on the monitor and showed the baby’s heart rate dipping each time. Hello Mr Consultant man, 3 options: leave it for another 15 hours and see if anything happened (I’d done nothing so far, not a single thinning or softening), go to theatre to break my waters (“but I don’t think I can reach”) or have a section…

Needs must…not my first choice but hey ho. C-sections in a nutshell for me meant a 6am visit from the anesthetist and scrub nurse, a walk down to theatre, a sharp scratch of local anesthetic, a spritz of cold spray, and away we went. Other than not being able to take a deep breathe as they pushed him down I didn’t feel a thing. My boy was here, safe and sound, all 9lbs 11oz of him. Being put back together is a blur because I was so busy looking at my baby. The recovery is hard, and painful Its also quite tedious once you feel better but still aren’t allowed to drive/cook/clean/lift etc. It’s only 6 weeks.

Actually giving birth in the usual/normal/natural way (there isn’t a good word to use) isn’t something I can comment on, my experience was lengthy but straightforward in the end. A lovely team of surgeons and nurses and anesthetist, followed by a couple of good midwives (and one not so good midwifery assistant). If anything, our birth story just shows how you can plan all you like, or plan nothing at all (like me) and what will be, will be, and that’s ok. Breast feeding didn’t happen (see the breast or bottle blog), combination feeding didn’t work, he also lost a grand total of 100g (the 10% average would have been 450g) so he was doing just fine. He is our miracle, he is worth waiting and fighting for, he is my proudest achievement, my finest creation.


More help and advice is available on these websites:


2 thoughts on “Nathan’s birth story…

  1. This article brought a tear to my eye and gave me a lump in my throat. Particularly the bit where you made it weeks longer than your previous pregnancies. I think you’ve been really brave to share your thoughts and your story. I’m glad you finally got the precious gift you waited so long for xx


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